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Screen Casting Platform

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Screen Casting Platform by Protonshub Technologies
Screen Casting Platform by Protonshub Technologies
screen-casting app

Application Details

Ticket Booking App


Screen Casting Platform
Ticket Booking App

Client Location

Germany USA, California
Development Time

Development Time

4 months

About 2Nite

Being an AWS expert, Hussein Sherif founded Datum, a user-friendly screen-casting app to bring couples together, regardless of the physical distance between them. Datum is designed and developed to connect users with their friends and loved ones so they can rediscover the joy of shared moments and the warmth of being virtually close. Being a provider of innovative solutions, Datum has recognized the need for a robust screen-casting platform so users can embark on a journey of togetherness in perfect synchrony. With no long-term contracts and no catches, Datum is all set to bridge the physical gaps that separate friends, couples, and families.

screen-casting app

Technologies Used

Our skilled team of app development experts has used the strength of robust and secure technologies & tools to design and develop a user-friendly app.

UI Design

UI Design

Front End [Mobile, Web]

Front End [Mobile, Web]

React Js
Back End

Back End


Client Needs for Development

Hussein Sherif founded Datum so people can watch videos, movies, and shows together along with audio and video chat simultaneously. Creating a screen-casting platform to feel closer despite being physically apart was challenging because there was a need to use advanced technology. 

The client required a seamless platform for Datum to let users stay connected and enjoy movies together. Datum was also in need of technical expertise so the platform could have seamless audio and video compatibility on different platforms. 

Our reliable team at Protonshub Technologies had previous experience in making such a functional platform, which helped us to solve our client’s challenge in no time.

Client Needs for development of Screen Casting Platform
Client Goals

Client Goals

Datum has emerged as a reliable solution that brings couples together despite the physical distance between them. By using Datum, people can enjoy movies and shows together along with audio and video chat simultaneously. Some of the necessary features that we have added while creating Datum include:

  • Created a Signup page for easy user registration 
  • Added Subscription plans so users can easily join the platform 
  • Integrated the platform with seamless Payment gateways
  • Created a Message listing screen 
  • Added Real-time messaging functionality so users can chat during the watch party
  • Clear information architect and UI

Client Challenges

Datum's primary needs revolved around creating an intuitive platform that could offer an excellent viewing experience to users. They required a solution that could facilitate the creation of engaging and informative screencasts, so couples could watch shows together. 

Datum was facing technical challenges in terms of audio and video compatibility on different browsers. Likewise, the client was also dealing with lag in audio and video due to internet connectivity. 

To solve these challenges, our team has successfully collaborated with the client. We made Datum compatible with almost all browsers but it is not 100% compatible with the Safari browser.

Challenges of Creating Screen Casting Platform

Solutions Offered by Protonshub Technologies

At Protonshub Technologies, our skilled team of developers has closely collaborated with the client to understand the platform’s needs and business logic. We decided to conduct a detailed analysis of the platform and selected the best tech stack to tackle different challenges. 

Our technical expertise and skills came in handy in conducting different levels of testing. We further implemented complex algorithms to resolve the lag in audio and video due to internet connectivity.

Following this, we implemented a user-centric design for Datum, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for users. We integrated a chat interface for users to interact while they watch movies and shows together via Datum.

We included robust analytics to track user engagement and usage patterns. It allowed real-time content synchronization for all users in a watch party.

In partnering with Datum to develop and implement a screen casting platform, we successfully addressed their goals, needs, and challenges. Our solution not only streamlined Datum but also improved user experience via intuitive UI. The success of this project highlights the transformative power of integrating innovative technologies into traditional business practices.

Solutions For Developing Screen Casting Platform

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Testimonial By Client

“I want to admit that Protonshub has been a true enabler on this journey. Confident that this team will scale great heights very soon.”
Hussein Sherif


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