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Our Vibrant and Game changing Transport and Logistics Software Development Services

With ever- changing dynamics of the transportation and logistics industry which is highly competitive, fast-moving and volatile automation is the need of the hour; to ensure optimum utilization of resources, and efficient operational processes.

High Efficiency, Increased Productivity and Accurate Decision Making.

Shipping Management Solution

Structure and organize your warehouse business operations with Custom warehouse shipping logistics software Solutions . Get Multiple features at single screen such as Shipping record, Shipment Tracking, Accounts and Billing, Location based shipment record management by getting your inhouse Shipment management solutions and automate your shipping business.

Custom Transport software Development

Our custom Transport software development services consist of transportation and Fleet management software development available in both web and mobile versions. Transportation software and Fleet Management  solutions help you to attain enhanced user engagement, business intelligence, real-time data interaction, custom reporting, and bots support.

Public transport Solutions

Protonshub's public transportation software solutions are developed to streamline and smoothen the hassles faced by public transit agencies by providing them enhanced fleet and passenger-oriented features for secured, safe , organized and easy to implement public transit experiences. Our Public transport management solutions include:

  • Vehicle Management solutions
  • Transport mapping Solutions
  • Route Management Solutions
  • Challan Management Solutions
  • Payment gateway integrations
Car Rental Solutions

Protonshub develops feature-rich car rental solutions that are designed to assist users with unique and innovative customer portals, car rental owners admin controls, and create an easy to use interface and provide holistic view of the car rental process from start to finish. Our car rental solutions include:

  • Car Booking solutions
  • Car Health Management Solutions
  • Real time vehicle tracking System
Parking Management Application

Protosnhub’s customized parking Management Solutions and Vehicle management software solutions are well equipped to provide businesses, Malls and office spaces with optimized business intelligence solutions, mobile operations, surveillance workflows and streamline parking permit management. Our car rental solutions include:

  • Parking Ticket Management System
  • Parking Mobile Management Solutions
  • Real time vehicle tracking System
  • Parking alert system

Challenges We Solve

  • Cumbersome Carrier management
  • Driver Productivity and Morale
  • Revenue loss
  • No fleet control
 Transport and Logistics Software Development Services

Your A-Z guide to Logistics & transport app development with business model and a detailed feature list is here.

Advantages of our Logistics and Transport Management Solution

  • Increased Sales- Avenues for unprecedented revenue generation and Increased profitability.
  • Improved drivers Performance- Integration of Behavioral attributes and feedback mechanism allows drivers to have a real time check on their behavior and performance to have high morale and better performance.
  • Enhanced user Experience- Our solutions are designed to provide high class user satisfaction with end-to-end visibility, real time tracking and analytics for better and improved user experience.
  • 24/7 Support- Our 24/7 support allows businesses to be on top of their priorities round the clock and enables them to provide faster deliveries and a higher customer satisfaction rate.

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