Thinking to hire dedicated remote Developers Get the right checklist in place

Thinking To Hire Dedicated Remote Developers
Get The Right Checklist In Place.

Dedicated resource hiring is preferred by a majority of organizations who intend to put a professional IT team in place for building a website, mobile application or customized software. This is mainly because of its virtue of being cost-effective and capability of efficient time and monitory utilization. It empowers the organizations with flexibility to choose the right kind of talent it needs to manage a project the way they want.

When the competition is unleashed and gaining competitive advantage over the contemporaries is the only objective, hiring right developers is a mandatory business decision. This is where you require hiring a dedicated resource that can help you put your great thoughts into action. In the world of software development, companies are in constant search to hire dedicated web developers Remote Dedicated developers profusely as the industry is ballooning rapidly. What if you could hire from companies who have candidates with simillar skill sets? This is an out and out way to carry out your new project with efficiency, time management and Resource utilization. if you haven’t tried it yet, this is the right time to have a chuck at it . Choosing the most appropriate dedicated resource is an art, and a masterpiece outcome can be expected only when the right checklist is an all yes. There are no picture perfect rules for hiring a great remote dedicated team of developers but over the years some common best practices have been designed that sets the standards for hiring best remote developers for your new project. Let’s take a drive to see what are the industry best practices you can follow in order to hire a team of highly skilled dedicated developers.

The Expert Jack

While most of the companies have an in house team of developers yet there might be a case where one or many expertise may fall short. Assuming the criticality of your project you cannot just a hire a developer instead you need someone who can understand your business objectives and perform accordingly. This is where the Expertise, Experience and rigor of a developer come in to place. While hiring a dedicated developer all you need to do is clearly highlight years of exp., technical expertise in the most accurate manner.

The Flexible The Better

With a remote dedicated resource in place the best advantage that you may be able to derive is the flexibility in terms of work timings, approach and methodology. Hiring of a dedicated resource established a clear ownership an accountability to set and finish your project in a prescribed manner and under a set timeline.

Experience Is Decisive

While hiring dedicated team of developers for agencies, you have the options to choose based on the kind of experience you want from them. Experience plays a very important role and should be one of the key aspects in deciding which team of developers is going to work for your new project. The short listing can further be extend to cap on dedicated developers who have ‘n’ number of projects successfully or who have worked on certain particular technology stack and environment.

Tik Tok - When The Race Is Against Time

When the need is urgent and the resource is critical timelines becomes important, hiring a dedicated resource will ease out your difficulty and will ensure that the pace of the project is intact and assist your team in successful completion of the project. During the difficult times hiring an in house developer and then navigating through the training and on boarding may end up eating lot of time which may cause hurdles in the ongoing project, hence a dedicated developer who brings in rich experience and expertise may help you cover the time crunch and deliver the project with quality, ownership which is in line with your project objective.

Teaming – The New Development Paradox

During the times when you need a team of developers to complete your project hiring a team of in house developers may not be a good idea as it comes with a challenge of skill sets, timelines to kick start, required experience; this is where hiring a professional dedicated team of developers can make your task easier and effective.

Delegating the task to dedicated team of developers can save huge amount of time, cuts down costs and helps you focus on things that needs immediate attention instead of going on a head-hunting mission. There is also a big pool of talent that you can hire immediately without having to take long interviews which will lead to a dead-end, more often than not

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Job Description

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs with hands-on in Ruby on Rails
  • Contribute at individual level in coding and module level API integrations, supporting integration with customer systems, integration with third party apps platforms
  • Write maintainable scalable efficient code

Required Job Skills

  • Atleast 3+ yrs of experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • Should have sound knowledge of html, css: (preferably Bootstrap), javascriptcoffeescript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Should have sound knowledge of database