How to Build a Mobile App With a Limited Budget?

Types of LMS

There was a time when only large organizations considered having an app for their business. Now, the times have changed, every company nowadays, despite its size is looking to have an app developed for N number of good reasons.

However, budget is king. The only difference between a large organization’s app and a small business’s app is the budget. Large corporations with huge budgets can incorporate as many features as they want, but the case is not similar when it comes to small companies.

We understand your dreams, which is why we have narrowed down some basic points for you to have your own application with a limited budget. Below are some cost-effective strategies that will help you create a powerful app while keeping you within your budget.

Cost-Effective Strategies to Build an App With a Limited Budget

Types of LMS

1. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals is the first step to building a successful app with a tight budget. This is necessary because you can’t pull a plan without getting the basics clear.

These goals can be various things, such as your target audience, demography, market leaders, your USPs, the reason why should people use your app, and the basic functions and features of your app.

Identifying the above-mentioned details can help you in the following ways: It allows you to get better revenue-making strategies, and give you a clear understanding of making an application, its features and functionalities, and other essential aspects. Having clear goals can help you to keep your development process simple and hassle-proof.

Although, if you get stuck in between refer to our guide to mobile application development in 2023 to get a clearer understanding.

2. Hire a Software Development Company

Once you have your goals cleared, the second step is to hire a mobile app development company like Protonshub Technologies, that will assist you in building your scalable app under your budget.

The reason for getting in touch with a development company is because you have the idea and the company have the expertise, which can be combined and produce great results. These development companies can bring you various resources, in terms of developers, designers, testers, and others.

The right team of developers can analyze your costs and provide you with the best solution within your range by giving you fresh ideas, facing challenges with you, and all other aspects where you lag behind.

3. Pick a Pricing Model

One of the most crucial decisions when developing a mobile app is selecting the appropriate pricing model.

The term "Fixed Budget Models" refers to various categories of set pricing plans that developers currently provide. These models were created specifically with clients with tight budgets in mind. Certain pricing structures may be beneficial for companies operating on a tight budget.

The fixed pricing, however, sometimes provides very little possibility for changes to the app in the future. So before choosing a pricing strategy, exercise caution and do your homework on the app's monetization methods.

These measures and self-analysis will save you from the upcoming challenges and will keep your eyes open to what’s possible and what’s not.

4. Select the Perfect Platform

Make sure the platform you select for your app development project is one that the majority of your consumers use, whether that be iOS, Android, Desktop, or wearable technology.

With the right market research, you can make an informed choice, select the platform that will best serve your audience, lower the average cost to build an app and help you stay within budget. Three common platforms for mobile apps are as follows:

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Types of LMS iOS

iOS platforms have come into the limelight since the widespread adoption of the iPhone and the growing number of users. This can be a great opportunity for future app builders.

Types of LMS Android

This is the most popular mobile app platform and also has the highest customer acquisition rate. Although the app approval procedure is quite simple, there is more competition in this area. However, the price of developing an app varies significantly on the functionalities chosen.

Types of LMS Hybrid

Hybrid frameworks are the third and most practical choice for app development on a budget. Hybrid frameworks provide seamless platform connectivity, including iOS and Android. As a result, the cost of development is reduced because you don't have to create separate programs for various platforms.

5. Pick the Must-Have Features

Knowing the features you want to add to your app is important. It is necessary to include some outstanding features that address your audience's problems if you want your app to be a huge hit.

Make a list of features that will help your app stand out from the competition and inspire users to use it frequently to solve problems or finish their daily tasks.

An experienced mobile app development business will advise you on how to determine your priorities and outline your budget without sacrificing the quality of the features you want to include in your app for the budget you have set aside for app development.

6. Develop an MVP

Another great way to reduce the cost of developing your mobile app is to start with an MVP. A minimal viable product eliminates the need to start from scratch when developing an app.

Before spending money on your development project, you have the choice of launching a mobile app with limited capabilities. Additionally, selecting an MVP enables you to gather customer input and assess the market potential for your product.

It will help you save money, time, and effort while lowering the chance that you'll overspend on your project. So, before spending additional money to create a feature-rich software, start with limited functionality and thoroughly try out the features in the market. This way you can have an overall idea about your project’s success. In case you want to dive into the technicalities, check out our blog on how to create a wireframe for your application in 2023 .

7. Make a Separate Maintenance Budget

Deployment and maintenance costs are sometimes ignored by businesses considering an app development solution because their major concern is estimating the cost incurred during the development stages.

The process of developing an app goes beyond the development phases since deployment and maintenance take up a sizeable portion of your money and hence it cannot be ignored.

However, allocating money for app maintenance is crucial because regular upgrades are necessary to keep your app functioning properly.

Therefore, while deciding on a budget for app development or hiring app developers, make sure to consider maintenance costs so that your budget aligns with your plans.

This is one way to build an app within a limited budget, you can also find investors to fund your project. Don’t know how to find them? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Refer to how to get investors for your mobile app startup and pave your way to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to build a mobile app with a limited budget. By following certain strategies like setting clear goals, hiring a software development company, picking a pricing model, selecting the right platform, picking necessary features, developing an MVP, and having a separate maintenance budget.

Cross-platform development frameworks, allow you to build apps for both iOS as well as Android platforms simultaneously. It reduces the time & cost of development and also enables code reuse, making maintenance and updates more cost-effective.

Testing and quality assurance are crucial when working with a limited budget. Skipping these steps can cause you negative reviews, poor user experiences, and costly bug fixes later on.

If you are looking for an affordable solution, Protonshub can be your best choice. We have the experience plus expertise, that makes us the leader in the development department. Our ability to provide you best features on a budget makes us stand out from the competition.

Yes, there are several free or low-cost app development tools available, such as app builders, prototyping tools, and design assets. These tools can help you save on development costs and simplify the app-building process.


Having a mobile app even for the smallest of businesses has become the need of the hour and we hope that our blog helped you to some extent. Doesn’t matter which category of app you want to build, making the right choices will surely take you to your desired outcome. With the availability of the latest technologies and trending tools, it is possible to build an app within a limited budget. Our cost-effective strategies are proof that anything is possible if done with a strategic mindset and well-planned execution. We, at Protonshub Technologies, a top mobile app development company is all ears to listen to your brilliant ideas and assist you in making them come true. Get in touch and create something awesome with us.