Top Emerging Web Design Trends for 2024 and Beyond [Updated]

Top Emerging Web Design Trends for 2024 and Beyond [Updated]

With the fresh start of 2024, it's time to look at the top emerging web design trends for this year and beyond. It will help us understand the common challenges that we can encounter while designing or redesigning digital products.

Some of the web design trends 2024 are likely to be inspired by the current designs, while others can be reactionary. After researching modern web designs and conducting detailed research, we have curated a list of top design trends.

Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s on the horizon for 2024 and beyond in web design.

Best Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2024 and Beyond

Here are the best web design trends that are likely to dominate the industry and influence website development:

Best Web Design Trends

1. Oversized Text

In the era of bold and boundary-pushing styles that AI generates, some brands are likely to go back to basics with oversized texts and hyper-minimalism. This web design trend won’t be about creating websites that are devoid of color but about embracing white space so visitors can rightly soak in the given information.

Oversized texts with a touch of minimalist design convey the necessary information in the first look. Use oversized texts across all sections and opt for thick headlines to highlight best selling products, contact information, and services.

You can say more with less and make your website more appealing by playing with plain font text styles. As designers will keep the layout minimal, it will increase the responsiveness of your website.

Service-based businesses and SaaS websites can use this web design trend to attract their target audience. That’s because oversized texts can help them draw focus on their USP and make the customer understand how their product can fill a gap.

Not every company would be able to embrace the power of oversized texts and hyper-minimalism. But the ones that do can reap maximum benefits.

2. Glass Morphism

Do you know what is the first thing that audiences focus on when they visit a website? It’s the visual or the hero image that takes up all the space on the screen. But how will you make this section on your website stand out? Simply by using an upcoming trend called glassmorphism.

This web design style is about using the properties of glass to create a stunning glass-like effect. Over the years, this style has become increasingly popular and now, it is all set to dominate 2024.

By using glassmorphism in the hero section of your website, you can make visitors stop and notice your message. Following this, the audience will scroll further to find out more details about your brand and products.

Glassmorphism might appear like a complex trend but it can simplify the design process. By following the rules of minimalism, designers can integrate this trend into websites of every industry.

3. Handmade Illustration

This is one of the popular modern web design trends that will be prevalent in the future. Although illustrations on websites have become popular, it’s going to change now.

Handmade illustrations have a unique way of telling stories and explaining how businesses solve real problems for customers. It also effectively draws customers’ attention to different services and keeps them engaged so they scroll till the end.

The beauty of handmade illustrations is that they don’t have to be very elaborate. They can rightly convey the message with simple designs and texts. As the illustrations are quite versatile, they can be added to any website to create a memorable user experience.

4. Clear and Visible Border

When discussing the top web design trends for 2024, clear and visible border trends cannot be overlooked. That’s because this trend adds a lot more clarity to the design, simplifies navigation, and increases responsiveness.

Adding clear and visible borders around the product pictures can significantly improve user experience. Not to mention, this trend only does minimal changes to the website design and yet makes the website look better than before.

When adding clear borders to separate sections or around product pictures and texts, you can be as creative as you want. E-commerce websites and business pages can very well make use of clear borders to highlight their crucial details or best selling products.

You can enhance your website by simply adding visible borders for balance and symmetry. Furthermore, you can keep your website’s appearance completely minimal with visible borders.

5. Dynamic Typography

Another trend that is likely to dominate web design is dynamic typography. As moving typography adds animation to the text, the message instantly grabs the user’s attention. This is why many companies and brands are hopping into this trend.

You can use dynamic typography as a standalone element in your home page for headlines and subheadings. It also eliminates the need to fill the page with visuals and shapes. This design trend is expected to be quite influential in the near future.

6. Vibrant Gradient

With Instagram bringing back the gradient logo design, this web design trend has been observed by numerous brands and graphic designers. Companies have now realized that vibrant gradients can enhance the appeal of websites, logos, and images.

Regardless of your industry, if you are planning to create a website from scratch, you must consider adding gradients and highlighting the CTAs in vibrant tones. You can also use gradients in the background for images to create a prominent color palette.

Ideally, gradient can improve the look and feel of e-commerce platforms and SaaS websites. It can be used to motivate visitors to keep scrolling, highlight important texts, and prompt people to act.

7. Motion Effect

Motion effect is one of the latest website design trends that can help designers create immersive experiences for visitors. As motion effects on the home page can be of different types, this trend is likely to become very common.

One popular type of motion effect is scroll-driven animations that prompt a user to go from one point to another and also draw their attention to what the brand offers. Besides this, accent animation, loading animation, hover animation, and moving elements are a few other ways to add motion effects.

While adding moving effects to the website, designers need to make sure the speed and display of the website are not hampered. To do this, web designers must avoid adding too many effects because it will eventually confuse users.

8. Abstract Design

The abstract design is another trend that is going to dominate the web design industry. By incorporating unique shapes and patterns into the website, brands can add a level of intrigue for users. The high-contrast color, ongoing animation, and organic shapes used in abstract designs make it one of the most essential trends in 2024.

9. Detailed Footer

Website footers are often overlooked but in 2024, detailed footers will gain popularity. By adding extra elements to the footer, designers can improve user experience, share extra information, and meet the users' expectations. To further enhance the functionality of the detailed footer, you can add a drag slider and prominent CTAs.


These are not the only trends that will dominate web design in 2024 and beyond. However, if you are searching for new trends to improve your website, this is a good collection to start with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When talking about the graphic trends in 2024, retro stripes and funky patterns appear on the top. This year’s web design trend is more about embracing the beauty of old designs in new ways.

In the coming years, graphic designers will focus more on creating visually appealing designs to offer a better and more meaningful experience to users. These designs are likely to have elements like 3D animation, VR, motion graphics, and more.

Future technologies that are likely to be a part of graphic design include artificial intelligence to create intricate patterns and do much more. Likewise, machine learning will also prevail in the web design industry. It will analyze large amounts of data to help brands make meaningful decisions.

One web design trend that will continue to evolve in 2024 is personalization. Designers can make the best use of this trend to offer custom experiences to users.

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