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Hire Top Dedicated Developers
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Hire Top-Notch Dedicated Web And Mobile App Developers

Well-known custom software development firm, Protonshub has been offering the top IT staff augmentation for years. With us, you receive everything, including expertise, experience, and accuracy. We keep in mind your requirements and deliver what you are looking for.

Hire dedicated developers as our developers are available for your project and are able to take on challenging tasks and finish them in a condensed amount of time without interfering with any of your key tasks. Our in-house teams use cutting-edge technology to offer your project a fresh design and increase its marketability.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers From Protonshub?

Although there are numerous core advantages, Protonshub continually considers how it may provide more. Hire dedicated remote developers as we always have more to offer when taking your needs into account. We strive to offer what we can.

  • Experienced Team

    With great domain expertise, you get one of the best-in-class dedicated developers for your project. With high experience, you get your project to reach a new height with consistent expertise addition in your project.

  • On-time Delivery

    We provide you with the assurance that your work will be a top priority. Our developers have a record to deliver all their assigned projects on and many times before time. You don’t have to worry about the timing if we are providing you with the service.

  • Easy Communication

    Protonshub offers multiple means to communicate securely anytime and from anywhere. Whether it be via Skype, Email, or Phone, we are here to connect with you anytime you need us. We make the communication process more flexible and user-friendly so that you face no issues.

  • Hassle-free Backup

    You don’t need to worry about your data. We have a special code and backup management feature to retain documents and data if lost. We let our developers focus on core tasks and help them in getting data in a few clicks.

  • Flexible Pricing

    With Protonshub, you get the finest resources at an affordable price. We have flexible pricing models which can fit your needs and budget. We provide you with scalability by offering the best services at a reasonable price.

  • Cost-effective

    You can hire dedicated developers and can directly cut your costs of training and retaining. Timely completion of your project, high dedication, more accuracy, and a lot more is achieved with our developers.

  • Timely Reporting

    Our dedicated developer's team is always ready to provide you with all updates, even from great distances. We keep you updated regarding the whole project and work status so that the coordination remains smooth till the end.

  • Dedicated Lead

    We assign a separate dedicated lead for the developer's team so that there is only one point of contact eliminating hassles and miscommunication. We help our developers to increase their productivity by helping them in managing their time.

  • Proper Tracking

    Your project is something you might think of all the time. With us, you can track every step of your project using an advanced project management system.

  • Data Security

    Protonshub provides you with a space where you can share information securely. Your data is safe with us throughout your whole journey.

Hire On-Demand Skilled Developers

At Protonshub, we work hard to give our clients the chance to work with remote programmers that are knowledgeable about the newest technological trends. Hire remote developers as we let our clients focus on running their businesses while spending less on infrastructure, training, and other costs.

Discover Our Hiring Roadmap

Hiring remote developers is now made more seamless. Explore, and get the best developers for your project. Gain experience, high-end expertise, and quality results from our dedicated developers.


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Hire a dedicated developer at the most affordable price and get the chance to scale up your business with the most experienced team. With 1200+ plus projects completed, and 90+ satisfied clients, get the best service from a trusted source.

  • Transparent Pricing
  • High-Tech Security
  • Seamless Exit Policy
  • Fully Signed NDA
Hire Frontend Developers

Hourly (USD)

8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo.

Hire Backend Developers
$20 to $23

Hourly (USD)

8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo.

Hire Dedicated Development Team

1 PM, Team of 5 Developers


Monthly (USD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name only suggests, DEDICATED means a person who is devoted to a single client in meeting the project requirements. The developer works under the client and focuses on delivering quality output as per what the client wants and requires.

All the technology and tools needed to create apps are available to dedicated developers, or they may even have those tools outsourced to the company they are working with. While independent freelancers work at their own pace.

Choosing the finest dedicated developer can be tedious, but with the right approach, you can find the best one for your project. A good developer may have skills like good communication, multi-task management, problem-solving ability, risk management, complex tasks management, and many more. Hire a dedicated developer and make your journey more successful.

Hire remote software developers and add many benefits to your project's success. It can help you in the timely completion of work, cost efficiency, output accuracy, expertise inclusion, and a lot more. Getting the finest advantages from a remote developer can make your target more achievable and accurate.

Different developers charge different pricing. For example, the pricing of the front-end developers will be different from the backend developer.

Hiring a dedicated web developer or any other can be difficult, but with a clear method, you can make it simple for yourself. Start by determining your needs, then look for a reliable platform to employ a dedicated developer. Next, look at the subject's expertise, communication, and problem-solving skills. Don't forget about security and last look at pricing models.

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