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Multi-Tenant Architecture See Beyond The Traditional

As per a report by Gartner, by the end of 2022, the cloud services industry is expected to grow exponentially by 40%, and the market size of the cloud services industry will be approximately 3X the overall growth of IT services.

As per a report by Gartner, by the end of 2022, the cloud services industry is expected to grow exponentially by 40%, and the market size of the cloud services industry will be approximately 3X the overall growth of IT services.

In the quest of a SaaS options available for an organization two prominent choices will be the talk of decision

1) Single Tenant Architecture

A single tenant SaaS environment is one in which the tenant is individual single SaaS client. In this design, the architecture allows to deploy a single instance or a piece of software per client to run on the SaaS server. In this kind of environment the SaaS server acts as a business ecosystem. In Single Tenant architecture every single environment runs in encapsulated operations within their individual premises.

2) Multi-Tenant Architecture

A multi-tenant Architecture depicts the arrangement of multiple offices in a single large scale SaaS server arrangements deoployed in one large Server setup where every client has its own allotted server space where two clients may have the same SaaS software or may have different software’s functioning in systematic isolation.

3) Single and Multitenant Model- The Brighter Sides

While hiring dedicated team of developers for agencies, you have the options to choose based on the kind of experience you want from them. Experience plays a very important role and should be one of the key aspects in deciding which team of developers is going to work for your new project. The short listing can further be extend to cap on dedicated developers who have ‘n’ number of projects successfully or who have worked on certain particular technology stack and environment.

Single Tenant

Security- With data security a major concern Single tenant provides increased data security as the data is completely Isolated

Multi Tenant

Cost effective- Since the ROI increment is the sole objective to choose a technology Multi tenant architecture being a shared model is highly cost effective option.

Dependable- Single tenant architecture having being deployed singly and one client doesn’t affect the performance of the other the environment is highly dependable

Resource Utilization- Since this architecture is designed keeping sharing of resources in mind this allows maximum resource utilization with utmost efficiency.

Data Migration for enterprises becomes more efficient and less complicated with Single tenant architecture.

Deploybility- With similar configuration and Infra set up the deployment becomes less complicated and saves time in deployment.

Control- A Single tenant Architecture Allows better control and higher flexibility when it comes to customizing the product.

Maintenance and upgrades becomes more convenient as it implies to all the tenants at one jibe saving times, effort and Money.

4) Choosing Multi Tenancy- the decision forward!

Situation can be a little complicated when an application is designed to serve multiple B2B or B2C customers aka “tenants” of the application. For example, a typical SaaS application may require having location-specific dealers (businesses) that connect to the end-customers and the organization. To orchestrate such architecture a multi-tenant system is the best suited option providing:

  • Maximum resource usage
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Simplified configuration, on boarding, and maintenance

Multi-tenant architectures are spearheading the standards for enterprise SaaS applications deployment, and allow multiple functional benefits on offer for you to accomplish such as;

  • Absolute data privacy and protection at the Application, Networks and Database level
  • Data Encryption
  • Management of Security keys
  • Management of application-level security constructs

Protonshub's Multi-Cloud Solutions are innovatively designed to help IT companies achieve a wide range of multi-cloud ecosystems benefits;

  • Higher degree of Customization to meet business objectives,
  • Single console to Manage a variety of platforms
  • Enabling high-precision data analysis across multiple applications
  • Enterprise tools management

Protonshub delivers unique and world class Custom Software Development Services enabling nearly 500 plus global customers in their journey of digital transformation helping startups, SME's and Enterprises to capitalize on Digital Evolution.

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