Top 9 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App for Your Restaurant

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Good restaurants are needed everywhere, similarly, those restaurants need a good mobile application. Wondering why? Let’s find out.

We are living in a generation where online availability is widely appreciated, and the restaurant department is one such need. If I ask you how many times a week you and your friends crave outside food, the numbers would be collectively huge.

But if asked how many times you all actually go out for it, it may take a while. That’s where enters restaurant apps. No matter what the occasion is, no matter how you are feeling, food is the ultimate necessity.

Especially during the time of COVID, when going outside is restricted, restaurant apps were at the rescue. At that time, the restaurants that didn’t have a mobile app had to undergo tremendous loss, and the numbers swelled up three times if considered the contrary. That’s the impact online food delivery apps has on your business.

These examples were just for the starters, we have the whole menu coming up in this blog ahead. So if you are looking to upscale your restaurant, you just got lucky. So, before any further ado, let’s get going.

Features A Restaurant Mobile App Must Have

Before we dive into the reasons why you should invest in a restaurant mobile app developement, let’s see have a look at the must-have features


1. Online Menu

Updating the menu online can save you the hassle of personally maintaining your app. The cloud server of your app makes sure that it is updated. Also, using push notifications you can alert customers about any new dish or updates in the current menu.

2. Table Reservation

Table reservation is daunting if your plans are sudden. Using a mobile app, you can easily reserve a table at your convenience to avoid any last-moment rush.

3. In-app Ordering

Another useful feature of a restaurant mobile application is in-app ordering. You can easily add dishes to your cart and checkout in a hassle-free manner, and get the food right at your doorstep.

4. Multiple Payment Modes

This is one of the most important features of any restaurant app. It allows customers to pay the restaurants using their preferred payment method. Restaurants also have the option to pay on delivery, but all thanks to COVID-19 everyone now prefers to go contactless.

5. Order Tracking

This feature is for restaurant owners as well as customers to want to track their food orders in real time. It allows both parties to know the whereabouts of their food along with its estimated delivery time.

6. Customer Support

This feature brings a sense of credibility and trust among the customers. Using customer support, people can resolve their doubts and queries, which results in satisfaction and improved retention rates.

7. Feedback Section

The feedback section is for customers to review their restaurant experience. Customers can provide feedback about their likes and dislikes straight to the restaurant. Restaurants can improve their services and quality offerings based on this feedback.

8. Push Notifications

Notifications are to alert the customers or the restaurant workers about any order or work respectively. These are also helpful in reminding customers about your restaurant by sending them quirky messages, which leads them to order or visit your restaurant.

9 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Restaurant Mobile Application


1. Increased Reachability

Having a mobile application for your restaurant already keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. Imagine having a very good restaurant but zero online presence. Surely, you’ll grow with your services and quality, but it’ll take a much longer time. However, if the same restaurant is available online, it will multiply its reach by three times.

2. Simplified Customer Management

The backend of the restaurant mobile app generates a distinct user ID each time a user installs the app. You can build a thorough user profile using this along with the several profiles that the user offers.

Recent transactions, favorite items, locations, and other information can be added to the profile to make it more complete. In other words, it feeds data into your CRM, making customer management simpler.

3. Built-in Navigation

Ever heard of a situation where a good restaurant has multiple branches, but some people use their names to divert traffic to theirs? Here, the built-in navigation system is a very useful feature since it allows customers to seamlessly reach your restaurant’s location. The restaurant app will only have the genuine location, which makes your customers reach the right place only.

4. Edge Over the Competitors

Since online presence has become very common, therefore you can find the majority of restaurants on the Internet. Here, you can stand out from your competitors by implementing unique advertising strategies.

5. Enhanced Brand Image

A dedicated food delivery app in India will business will enhance your chances of getting noticed. Customers can directly interact with you whenever they feel any issue or simply get details.

6. Service Improvements

Another reason you should invest in a restaurant mobile app is to improve your service. Better visibility means more customers and more customers means more feedback, which will result in improving services.

7. Customer Loyalty

Loyalty and referral programs are two essential pillars of having a mobile app. You may encourage customers to return and interact with your restaurant more regularly by offering exclusive discounts, coupons, and personalized offers through the app.

8. Marketing & Promotions

You can send push notifications, promote new menu items, announce special events, and share personalized offers, which can help you effectively engage with your customers and increase your restaurant's visibility.

9. Data Analytics

You can gain useful data about your clients' preferences, ordering trends, and dining behaviors by using a mobile app for your restaurant. This data can be used for improving operational improvements, targeted marketing initiatives, and menu enhancements for your restaurant.

Restaurant mobile app development can be of great benefits if consulted and developed by an experienced firm like Protonshub Technologies. Contact us today to get a detailed quote on the same and start your profitable business today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant mobile applications are packed with a lot of features, and here are a few of them: table reservation, online menu, home delivery, customer support, chatbot, and feedback.

Having a mobile app for your restaurant can bring a lot of impacts, such as increasing sales & revenue, enhanced brand awareness, improved retention rate, customer loyalty, word-of-mouth publicity, and much more.

Having a restaurant app enhances customer loyalty by making consumers feel valued by offering them discounts, coupons, and other rewards through the app.

The top five reasons for investing in a restaurant mobile app are customer loyalty, service improvements, marketing & promotion, enhanced brand awareness, and data & analytics.

To get a mobile app for your restaurant, first, define your app's goals and features, then hire a professional app development team like Protonshub Technologies, then design the app's user interface and experience, develop and test the app, and finally launch it on platforms like App Store or the Play Store.

Final Thoughts

The increasing numbers of mobile users around the world are not hidden anymore, which makes it a great deal to invest in a mobile application. Having a mobile application is surely your choice, but why would to let your business end up on the losing side? The benefits and impact of having a restaurant app are long enough to fascinate you in building one for your business. So, if you are planning to be on the winning side and multiply your revenue numbers, Protonshub Technologies, a food delivery app development company is at your service. The award-winning company will not just develop a restaurant app for you, but it will also provide support & maintenance for the same. Reach out to our business team and secure the best deal for your business.