White-Label vs Custom-Built Taxi App: Which One is Better?

White-Label vs Custom-Built Taxi App: Which One is Better?

Did you know the revenue of the taxi booking industry is expected to reach US$165.60bn in 2024?

Technology plays a crucial role in the evolving world of taxi booking services. It majorly guides how businesses operate and shapes user satisfaction.

If you have a ride-hailing business or want to enter this market, you can choose one of the two approaches: custom taxi booking app development and white-label taxi booking app development. But to make a selection, you need to know about both the models in detail.

Through this blog, we will explore both models, analyze their features, and understand how they work.

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom taxi booking app development refers to the process of designing and developing a software program from scratch. This kind of app is built to meet the specific needs of a business and to deliver complete user satisfaction.

During custom app development, skilled developers closely collaborate with businesses to understand their requirements for app design, building, and testing. Developers then add the most advanced set of features and integrations to develop a taxi booking app that exceeds user satisfaction.

Remember that building custom apps requires more time and money because the app is developed from scratch. But as a business owner, you get more freedom and flexibility in terms of app customization.

Types of Custom Taxi Booking Mobile Apps

Taxi booking businesses can choose from different custom mobile app options:

types of custom taxi booking mobile apps
  • Native App: This custom taxi booking app model refers to creating an app for platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. These are high in functionality and performance.
  • Hybrid App: This taxi booking app is designed and developed using advanced technologies like CSS, HTLM, and JavaScript. These apps can smoothly work across different platforms, which makes them efficient in terms of cost and time.
  • Cross-platform App: Developers use a single codebase, which can be easily deployed on multiple platforms to create cross-platform apps. These apps have a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness.

White-Label Mobile App Development

White-label taxi booking app development refers to the process of creating strong code that can be sold to multiple businesses.

Companies purchasing white-label apps can make little changes to it and can use it as their own. This kind of app is mostly designed and developed with a specific set of features for a certain industry.

For instance, all taxi booking apps have some similar features like tracking, payment, fare calculation, cab confirmation, and customer support. So, if a small ride-hailing business wants to offer its customers an app, it can choose a “white-label app” instead of creating one from scratch.

Many companies purchase a white-label app and customize it by adding their brand’s logo and changing certain features. Regardless of the industry, white-label apps are gaining popularity in the market.

Types of White-Label Taxi Booking Mobile Apps

White-label apps are available in two models. You can purchase one as per your business requirements and needs:

Types of White-Label Taxi Booking Mobile Applications
  • White-Label Backend Solutions: If you wish to create the app’s front end yourself, you must get only the backend. While this method offers more flexibility, it also requires you to have a team of skilled in-house developers. If you don’t have one, you can always outsource to create an engaging front-end for your taxi booking app.
  • Complete White-Label Applications: You can also get a fully built app that comes with client components and a server. However, this model comes with limitations in terms of customization and scalability. It means once your taxi booking business starts growing, it will require features that are beyond the app’s existing features. So, you will have to explore alternative solutions.

Difference Between White-Label and Custom App Taxi Booking Mobile Apps

Here’s what differentiates white-label and custom app development:

Difference Between White-Label and Custom App Taxi Booking App

1. Customizability

A custom-built app is a clear winner in terms of making required changes. With white-label apps, you don’t have enough scope for customization.

If you have both the front end and back end of the white-label app, you can make changes to the colors and labels of the app. In contrast, if you only get the backend, you are free to change the look and feel of the app. But you will eventually encounter limitations in terms of the backend.

You can break the limitation chain by availing of custom app development services. Such an app is designed and developed from scratch to meet your unique business needs. With a custom mobile app, there are no limitations to the amount of customization you can make.

By working with a team of skilled developers who can think about the future and scalability of your company, you can create a successful app.

2. Design

White-label apps are designed to look like other apps in the same area because they are meant for any type of business. However, you will only be able to change a limited number of the labels, colors, and design components.

It means if you purchase a white-label solution, your app will have the same appearance as hundreds of other apps from different vendors.

In contrast, a custom app allows you to make multiple changes and add small animations to offer an enhanced user experience.

3. Cost-effectiveness

The best thing about the white-label app is its affordable price. Purchasing a white-label application is far less costly than developing your own from scratch.

The fact that white-label apps are ready to use and less expensive than other apps makes them appealing. However, if you want to add new features to your app, you still have to pay for development. Even then, making multiple adjustments might not always be possible.

In contrast, custom app development requires you to pay for business analysis, design, quality assurance, maintenance, coding, and project management. Despite the advantages of custom app development, many firms look for less expensive options.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

White-label apps do not come with the scope of scalability and flexibility. It means you cannot move the app to any other platforms, add new features, or handle more users. But custom app development lets you make your app as scalable and flexible as you want.

When to Choose White-Label App Development?

Here’s when you should choose white-label taxi booking app development:

  • Limited Budget: White-label app development is a more affordable option for small businesses with tight budgets.
  • Instant Launch: A white-label solution is a beneficial choice if you want to quickly release your application onto the market. By choosing the right on-demand app development company, you can release your mobile app in as little as 2-3 days.
  • Simple Functions: If your company goals are simple and can be met with a straightforward mobile application, a white-label app should be your choice.
  • Offline Majority: White-label app is also beneficial when you want to build your digital presence but the majority of your company still operates offline.

When to Choose Custom App Development?

Here’s when you should choose a custom taxi booking app development solution:

  • Complex Functionality: If you want unique and intricate functions, custom app development should be your choice. It lets you convert complex requirements into practical solutions.
  • Performance Priority: Custom app development uses the most advanced technology to design well-architected apps. It does not compromise the app’s performance, which protects your company's reputation.
  • Market Competition: To make an impression and differentiate yourself from rivals in the competitive market, you need to meet user needs. This can be done via a custom taxi booking app.
  • Revenue Generation: If your company depends on online channels and your mobile app is a major source of revenue, developing a custom mobile application becomes necessary to maximize your ROI.

Cost to Develop Custom and White-Label Taxi Booking Mobile App

Do you know how much does it cost to develop a taxi booking mobile app?

Designing and developing a custom mobile app is more expensive because it requires you to build everything from scratch. But this method lets you customize the app so it meets your specific needs.

In contrast, white-label apps offer little to no room for customization because they are already developed. A company simply rebrands it as its own by making changes to the color and labels.

So, developing a white-label taxi booking app can cost you around $4,000. Likewise, a developing feature-rich custom taxi booking app will cost you $6,000 or more. The cost is majorly influenced by the complexity of the custom app, the features added, and the tech stack used.

Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates. The actual cost will depend on your app development requirements and needs.


The choice between a custom app and a white-label app depends on your business needs and objectives. Both of these options have their advantages but the best decision for you depends on your requirements.

While white-label apps offer speed and cost advantages, custom apps enable complete control, branding, and scalability. You must always consider your needs, budget, and long-term goals while choosing one of these mobile app development models.

You can reach out to Protonshub Technologies, a trusted taxi booking app development company to avail either of these models. Our team of experts can offer you impressive white-label app development services or can even create an app from scratch.

For more information, reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

White-label taxi booking app is a great choice as it is affordable and lets you launch your app in just a few days. However, it does not offer much room for customization. Also, scaling the app as per future growth becomes impossible, and marketing it gets challenging.

By investing in custom app development, you get to create an app that fits your requirements. Such an app can also offer an enhanced user experience. However, designing and developing an app from scratch requires a lot of time and money.

Over the past few years, taxi booking apps have become profitable. That’s because multiple people have started getting taxi booking services as taxis are more comfortable and convenient than traditional transport.

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