Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead of Freelancers?

Dedicated Developers Vs Freelancers

Did you know that your choice of hiring dedicated developers or freelancers can significantly impact the success of a project?

Studies suggest that businesses should partner with dedicated developers instead of in-house or freelance developers, as they can save almost 70% on development costs. You can expect a range of benefits that can elevate the quality and efficiency of your development process by hiring dedicated developers.

You can read this blog to learn more about the benefits of hiring dedicated developers. We will discuss:

  • When should you hire dedicated developers?
  • When should you hire freelancers?
  • Advantages of hiring dedicated developers
  • Dedicated developers vs. freelancers: which one to hire?
  • How much does it cost to hire dedicated developers?

When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

A dedicated development team consists of software engineers and developers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance specialists, project managers, and other professionals who work full-time for a software development company.

Dedicated developers can be a game-changer because of their consistency and level of dedication. They act as an extension of your team and understand the objectives, difficulties, and vision of your project.

You can hire dedicated developers when:

  • The time frame is unidentified, and the quality is important.
  • The budget limitations are not defined.
  • The project is bigger and more complex.
  • The project requirements can be altered as the project progresses.

When Should You Hire Freelancers?

Freelancers are individuals who work for themselves rather than an organization. They provide a wide range of services to clients, including software development.

If you need a professional for a specific task or period, freelancers can be the perfect solution. They can adjust to various projects and work settings while providing new perspectives on your development process. Though freelancers can be more adaptable and provide on-demand help, they might not have the same level of long-term commitment as dedicated developers.

You can hire freelancers when:

  • The project is easy and short.
  • The quality is not the major issue, and the deadline is known.
  • The requirements are fixed, and the budget is small.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Both dedicated developers and freelancers have their merits, but hiring dedicated developers from a reputable software development company can significantly impact the success of your project.

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Here are ten compelling reasons to hire dedicated developers:


1. Expertise in Various Technologies

Depending on their technology needs, businesses have the flexibility to select from multiple developers. Businesses can hire different technology specialists for both the front end and back end. This way, you can access the most skilled group of full-time developers.

2. Increased Productivity Level

Since developers work full-time, they work on following the laws and guidelines as soon as the jobs and functionalities are made available. It helps ensure extra perfection in the final product. After completing the first stage of their current work and achieving the desired outcome, they can go to their next assignment.

3. Fluent Cooperation

Full-time programmers have a deeper understanding of your project because they dedicate their work to your business and industry. Their experience allows them to speak with you more fluently, which improves communication between you and the developer. As a result, the development process for your project runs more smoothly.

4. Better Competition

Full-time developers extensively dedicate their focus to your project. It means they won't let outside distractions interfere with their ability to focus on a single activity at a time. They also stay updated with advancements and trends in the business, which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Dedicated developers produce excellent work by concentrating on a single project. They put in the effort and knowledge necessary to develop error-free and clean code. Whereas, freelancers manage several projects and might sacrifice quality.

6. Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

Hiring dedicated developers can lead to cost savings in the long run. When you work with a team that is fully invested in your project, you can avoid the costs associated with onboarding and training new developers. Additionally, dedicated developers' efficiency and expertise can help you reduce development time.

7. Scalability and Growth

Your software development needs will change as your business grows. You can scale up or down dedicated developers while ensuring your project remains aligned with your business objectives. No matter what your requirements are, dedicated developers have the skills and resources to support your growth.

8. Intellectual Property Protection

When you hire dedicated developers, you don’t have to worry about your intellectual property. Why? Because dedicated developers are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and protect the company's sensitive information. This level of trust and security is essential for businesses that operate in highly competitive or regulated industries.

9. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Launching a software project is just the beginning; if you want its long-term success, you must invest in its ongoing support and maintenance. Dedicated developers provide this support that goes beyond the initial development. They can troubleshoot issues, implement updates, and ensure your project remains secure and functional.

10. Competitive Advantage

You can gain a competitive advantage in your industry by hiring dedicated developers. They bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, allowing you to develop innovative solutions that will keep you ahead of your competitors. This competitive edge can result in increased market share, higher customer satisfaction, and greater profitability.

Dedicated Developers vs. Freelancers: Which One to Hire

Here are 10 key differences between dedicated developers and freelancers that will help you make an informed decision:

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 Dedicated Developers vs Freelancers: Which One to Hire

1. Availability and Dedication

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers are full-time employees who will work on your projects during regular business hours. You can easily reach them for cooperation and communication within working hours. They are as committed and dedicated as the in-house staff.

Freelance Developers

Freelance developers work on their own schedules. At certain times, it can conflict with your schedule and cause communication & teamwork issues. As freelancers work on multiple projects, their availability may vary, which leads to delays in updates and responses.

2. Long-Term Partnerships

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers help establish long-term partnerships and become an essential part of the work culture & goals. The long-term collaboration improves the approach to your project.

Freelance Developers

Unlike dedicated developers, freelancers are hired for certain projects or times. This is why they lack the same level of dedication and commitment toward the projects as dedicated developers.

3. Cost Framework

Dedicated Developers

Just like full-time employees, dedicated developers also receive a retainer fee or monthly salary. This predictable cost structure helps you with financial planning and budget analysis.

Freelance Developers

Unlike dedicated developers, freelancers charge per project or hour. At certain times, it appears cost-effective, but it can lead to unforeseen costs.

4. Skill Specialization

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers are skilled in certain tools and technologies they work exclusively on for your projects. It means they can master the technologies needed for your projects or company.

Freelance Developers

While the degree of experience can vary, freelancers also have specialized talents. However, you must evaluate their experience and portfolio to ensure they have the relevant skills for your project.

5. Project Ownership and Accountability

Dedicated Developers

All dedicated developers have a strong sense of project ownership. They take responsibility for your project’s success and align their goals to deliver satisfactory results.

Freelance Developers

As freelancers are hired on a temporary basis, they might not be as invested in the project's success as you want them to be. They might be more focused on finishing the project than on the project's long-term success.

6. Collaboration and Communication

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers become an extension of your current team and facilitate open communication. You can easily include them on your existing collaboration and communication platforms.

Freelance Developers

You may require additional effort to establish effective communication with freelance developers. The difference in time can greatly impact real-time communication.

7. Management Responsibility

Dedicated Developers

When your company hires dedicated developers, you become responsible for managing them. Their workflow, priorities, and tasks are all directly under your control.

Freelance Developers

However, freelance developers require independent management. To make sure that the project is in line with your objectives, you would have to provide them with detailed instructions.

8. Project Timeline

Dedicated Developers

If your project demands consistency and dependability, you should hire dedicated developers. They are a good fit for long-term projects and continuous assistance.

Freelance Developers

They are ideal for smaller projects or specialized work that doesn't call for a long-term commitment.

9. Compliance and Standards

Dedicated Developers

The outsourcing company that provides dedicated developers handles the legal and compliance parts of the project. They ensure that all laws and regulations are followed in the employment relationship.

Freelance Developers

Your company must be mindful of legal and tax compliance when hiring freelancers, including issues like tax reporting and contractor classification.

10. Team Coordination

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers can easily integrate with an in-house team. They work closely with other members and take part in team meetings.

Freelance Developers

Freelancers can work independently. But if you want to incorporate them into your team, it would require additional effort.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Dedicated Developers?

The average cost to hire dedicated developers is $104,000 to $520,000+ per year.

Dedicated developer hiring costs are mainly influenced by two factors:

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Location-Based Costs

The cost of employing dedicated developers varies based on where they live. Here’s a rough estimate of the hourly rates for dedicated developers in different regions:

cost to hire dedicated developers on location base

Experienced-Based Costs

The experience level of the developers also affects their hourly rates. Developers with more experience charge more. Here’s a breakdown:

 Experienced-based costs to hire dedicated developers

Calculating the Development Cost

The last thing you need to consider is the additional costs, like project management, communication tools, software licensing fees, and other factors.

You can use this formula to estimate the cost of hiring dedicated developers:

 Calculating the Development Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike freelancers, dedicated developers work exclusively on your project, ensuring consistent availability, a deeper understanding of requirements, and a long-term commitment to delivering work.

Freelancers might look cheaper, but dedicated developers are more cost-effective in the long term because they provide high-quality work, avoid delays, and reduce risks.

Dedicated developers focus on delivering high-quality, error-free code. However, freelancers can compromise the quality of their work because they handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Dedicated developers are more responsible and ensure work quality. Whereas, freelancers lack such guarantees, which increases project risks.

Beyond dedicated developers’ salaries and fees, you need to consider costs for infrastructure, communication tools, project management, and quality assurance processes.


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