Swipe Right On Safety: 9 Things To Consider When Creating Dating Apps

Things To Consider When Creating Dating Apps

The use of dating apps has increased drastically, causing the market to grow to $8.64 billion. As per research, out of every 10, almost 3 adults are registered on dating apps. It is mainly because these apps provide convenience and ease to users to find a suitable partner for themselves.

With everyone downloading and using dating apps, now is the best time to enter this industry. But with the competition soaring in this industry, marking your presence and staying relevant can be difficult.

Don’t worry, we know the best way you can do so. You can avail of the services of a dating app development company to create an engaging app that people would love to use.

Things to Consider When Creating Dating Apps

Consider these things when creating a dating app to make it a huge success:

Things to Consider When Creating When Creating Dating Apps

1. Make Security a Priority

Security is one of the main concerns in mobile apps. So, when creating a dating app, you must look through the security concerns to ensure that user data remains protected from fraud and hackers.

2. Profile Verification

When creating a dating app, you must focus on the smooth registration and authorizing of new users. As dating apps are designed to send messages privately, you need to ensure that users feel comfortable in the privacy of chats.

You should include a profile verification feature so users can avoid fake profiles. Similarly, add an option to link social media profiles to validate that users' profile is authentic.

3. Consider Penetration Testing

You never know when hackers will attack their backend systems or mobile dating apps to steal users’ data. However, you can mitigate possible risks by predicting hackers’ behaviors and intentions. You can detect errors and fix them on time before hackers break down your system.

This can be done via penetrating testing, a practice of security testing to detect possible vulnerabilities. Quality assurance engineers use sophisticated tools to stimulate remote attacks during penetrating testing to identify weak areas with possible vulnerabilities.

4. Partner with the Right Payment Provider

You must partner with the right payment provider to facilitate smooth transactions on your dating website. While finding the best payment providers is hectic, it's worth it.

Similar to other dating platforms, you must also prevent your users from revealing their personal details like phone numbers and email addresses so they can feel secure.

As the dating industry comes with multiple fraud attempts, providing the best security solutions can increase your credibility. High-risk businesses like online dating are advised to focus on dedicated merchant accounts. They can also partner with a reliable payment provider with experience in this field.

5. Find A Trustworthy Hosting

As online dating platforms are at a higher risk of getting hacked, it’s vital to choose a secure hosting company. Your focus should be on a company that has reliability in the industry for hosting web applications.

6. Think About Scalability

Predicting the peak load of dating apps in advance is not easy. Why? Because the apps can encounter an increase or decrease in traffic.

Anticipating the growth of online dating platforms in terms of marketing campaigns is possible but some areas remain unpredictable. For instance, your platform’s ad might go viral on social media, you can launch a successful marketing partnership, or people may suddenly decrease their usage of online dating platforms.

While the unpredictability of this industry is high, you need to think about scalability to keep up with the fluctuating demands. By following the right strategy, you can quickly choose to increase or decrease cloud capacity. This way you get more flexibility to scale as per the changing needs.

7. Invest in Logging and Monitoring

Logging and monitoring go well together as they complete each other.

Logging helps in creating records of application events. You can use the log files to review events in a system, like user complaints and errors. Also, log messages contain valuable information that can help you understand the root cause of performance issues.

Likewise, monitoring includes different aspects of system evaluation. It helps you understand how well your system is working by using monitoring tools to track metrics and logging to gather and analyze information.

In the end, you get a complete overview of your system’s performance and other detailed information that helps you solve customer issues.

8. Develop Cross-Platform Framework

Develop a cross-platform app because various mobile platforms support it at once. It eliminates the need to create unique elements for each platform and offers a better user experience.

9. Scope of Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program refers to the action of online dating platforms paying a commission to an affiliate website when they send them traffic. The affiliate websites get paid as per the agreements, which is either the number of users the affiliate sends to the online dating platforms or the number of users sent to initiate other actions.

Prepare your online dating system for affiliate programs because it is important during the early stage of dating app development . But pay attention to the quality of affiliate marketing traffic to prevent fraud.

Best Dating App Monetization Strategy

Once you have created a dating app, the next step is to generate revenue from it. There can be a bit of difference between dating mobile app development for Android and iOS but you can use the same monetization strategy.

Below are some common monetization strategies that you can follow to make money. All these strategies will help you to attract, retain, and engage users:

In-app Purchase

If in-app purchases are attractive enough, users will show interest and pay for the items. For instance, you can offer users virtual gifts.

Premium Subscriptions

Besides in-app purchases, you can also include premium subscription plans on your dating platform. You can allow users to get unlimited likes, boost accounts, or gain access to additional features through your subscription plans.


Ask your dating app developer to include ads in the platform. But refrain from adding too many ads as it can drive away the users and lead to increased uninstallations.


Lastly, you can collaborate with third-party companies to promote their products and services through your app. You can charge these companies as per the decided cost-per-mile model. Your possible collaboration partners can be flower delivery, taxi booking, and hotel booking companies.

Types of Dating Apps

Depending on various factors, dating apps can be made of four types:

Types of Dating Apps

1. Geolocation

The idea of a geolocation dating app is to connect people based on their location or proximity. Online dating platforms like Tinder allow users to choose how close they want to match. Certain dating apps also let you go global and match with people from around the world.

2. Questionnaire-Based

Certain dating apps are made in a questionnaire-based format that requires users to answer a set of questions before creating their account. Depending on the answers, the dating app connects people with the same interests and values.

3. Traditional

Traditional dating apps represent an addition to a web platform. They look just like an online catalog of people and compliments the web, while replicating its main features.

4. Niche-Based

Niche-based dating app matches people with common interests. You can choose from different options like pet owners, jogging lovers, gym freaks, and more to find your niche.


The dating app industry is growing with no sign of recession to it. So, if you are planning to enter this industry, now is the right time to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To make your dating app successful, you need to add a set of essential features to it. For instance, you can allow users to log in through social media platforms and include profile verification. Likewise, avoid asking your users to share information as it can lead to security-related issues.

An effective way to prevent catfishing in your online dating platform is by incorporating verification methods, like linking social media accounts. In addition, you can include reporting features so users can quickly report any suspicious activity.

When creating an online dating platform, your focus should be on adding features like block and report. Likewise, you can also regularly monitor and moderate user interactions to maintain safety.

Creating a dating app is not hard but maintaining it and providing a better user experience is tricky. With so many dating apps in the market, establishing a unique identity for your app can be difficult.

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