Empowering healthcare with technology

Protonshub creates health and fitness websites and apps by cooperating with digital health pioneers and employing cutting-edge technologies.

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Our Industry

Pioneer is developing Health Care solutions

Protonshub is a healthcare software development firm focused on producing user-friendly
health solutions using innovative technology and excellent maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

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Custom healthcare software development

Protonshub is a market leader specializing in developing unique health software and solutions best suited to clients' needs. Our specialized services for developing custom healthcare software focuses on improving healthcare and incorporating cutting-edge technology to simplify medical workflow.

Patient's Record Management Solution

At protonshub, we develop patient record management software, widely used by hospitals and medical facilities to store vital data such as prescription types and dosages, medical histories, scheduled treatments, and patients' progress during recovery.

Our Industry
Our Industry

Health Tracking & Monitoring Apps

We are pioneers in devising specialized health tracking & monitoring solutions. Our healthcare solutions facilitate physicians to monitor patients' health remotely at the time of necessity. In addition, we offer a wide variety of monitoring and tracking development services, including wearable device apps, smartphone applications, and tracking websites.

Choose Protonshub because

Protonshub specializes in healthcare application development for small and medium-sized healthcare
organizations attempting to develop highly efficient and secure software solutions to improve quality of healthcare.

  • Certified Professional Programmer

    We have a certified, experienced, and active team to assist our clients. Our developers have the technological knowledge, subject matter expertise, and technical certifications to develop high-quality health software.

  • Superior Security

    At Protonshub, we believe that security should come first when building a health solution. We ensure our health software is developed with the highest level of security to provide error-free results that won't jeopardize a patient's health.

  • customer service

    We put a lot of effort into providing top-notch customer service and ensuring that each client is satisfied with the results of our work.

  • Service with Value

    We are committed to providing excellent, cutting-edge IT solutions that go above and beyond for our clients with value-added services.

Our Industry

Job Description

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs with hands-on in Ruby on Rails
  • Contribute at individual level in coding and module level API integrations, supporting integration with customer systems, integration with third party apps platforms
  • Write maintainable scalable efficient code

Required Job Skills

  • Atleast 3+ yrs of experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • Should have sound knowledge of html, css: (preferably Bootstrap), javascriptcoffeescript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Should have sound knowledge of database