Stock Trading App Development

Your search for the best stock market app development company ends with us! We have delivered power-pack stock trading apps for many trading ventures and can do it for you too. Our diverse team of developers will understand your needs and develop a customized stock trading app with a user-focussed interface and real-time tools. Let us help you!

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Robust Trading App Development Solutions

Protonshub Technologies is a leading custom stock trading app development company that designs and delivers scalable solutions for startups and established enterprises. With years of experience and expertise, we take pride in delivering innovative trading solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Our team combines the latest industry standards with innovative technologies to create scalable and secure trading apps. Our developed trading solutions have an array of features with a focus on performance and seamless user experience. 

From visually appealing designs and core features to quality assurance, Protonshub goes the extra mile to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. We offer best-in-class MVP services, assisting clients to include necessary features so the trading app is market-ready.

Hire Protonshub Technologies to avail of comprehensive trading app development services that drive growth and meet the dynamic needs of the financial market.

Our Custom Stock Trading App Development Services

As a trusted stock trading app development company, we take pride in providing a full range of trading app development services that will help you stay ahead of your competition. Let’s develop together!

Trading App Development
icon Mobile Trading Apps

Reach every user with a tap with our advanced mobile trading apps for Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. Our on-the-go mobile trading apps offer a seamless experience across various devices.

icon OTC Trading Platform

Avail of our OTC (over-the-counter) trading platform service so your users can freely trade currencies, trade stocks, and commodities. Our platform ensures the smooth execution of trades outside traditional exchanges.

icon Future Trading Software

Our future trading software comes with the latest technology like smart contracts and blockchain networking to build scalable custom solutions. Additionally, it offers real-time data, analytics, and risk management tools.

icon Data Analysis Solution

Provide your users an opportunity to have predictive and real-time data access with your trading platform. Our data analysis solutions will help you analyze any time data and make informed decisions so you can stay ahead.

icon Currency Exchange Software

Ensure smooth exchange of currency transactions with our robust solution. Our software compiles with all necessary regulations. It ensures fast, secure, and reliable foreign exchange operations without hassle.

icon Commodities Trading Software

Buying and selling commodities with real-time data access became easier with our commodities trading software. Our industry-skilled developers cater to your unique business needs and requirements.

icon Stock & Equity Trading Software

Our skilled developers can build fast-paced stock and equity trading software so your users can have an enhanced trading experience. Our software is end-to-end encrypted and supports multiple trading strategies.

icon Liquidity Management Platform

Avail of our liquidity management platform to effectively manage your income. Our platform is designed to minimize risk, ensure smooth operations, and optimize cash flow in volatile market conditions.

icon Custom Online Trading Software

Our team can successfully design and build custom online trading software that rightly meets your user requirements and business goals. Our developed online trading platform is powered by blockchain technology.

Security Features We Add During Stock Trading App Development

Unlike other stock trading app development companies, our team adds all security features to protect your users’ privacy and data. From email verification to 2-factor authentication, our team integrates it all.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    While developing the stock trading app, our team integrates it with the 2FA feature to ensure 100% security and protection.

  • Wallet Integration

    We develop trading apps together with trading software so users can have secured transactions on the platform.

  • Encryption Based SSL

    Leverage our Secure Sockets Layer-based system to safeguard your sensitive data and keep your internet connection secured.

  • Content Management System

    We use dynamic CMS features to build your trading app for quick addition and management of content on your trading software.

  • Side Server Forgery Protection

    Our SSF protection feature will protect your users and servers from attackers who abuse server functionality in stock trading platforms.

  • SMS/Email Verification

    Users can easily register via email or mobile. They can simply enter a verification code sent to their number for successful login.

  • Cross-Site Forgery Protection

    We protect your trading app from vulnerabilities via CSRF so your users don’t end up performing what they do not intend to execute,

  • Multisig Wallet Integration

    We use Multisig wallet integration to make cyberattacks difficult. Multisig increases the number of potential failure points on the app.

  • Distributed Denial of Services

    Our Distributed Denial of Services does not let the web or system crash due to normal traffic of the targeted server.

Tools and Technologies We Use To Develop Stock Trading App

At Protonshub Technologies, our team has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and frameworks for building highly scalable trading apps.



Advanced Charting Tools

We use advanced charting tools so your users can gain access to the past, current, and future share market analysis reports.

Proven OTT  Technology Expertise


Cross-Platform App Development

Our cross-platform app development service allows you to leverage the power of web, mobile, and desktop solutions.

Flexible App Development Process


Real-Time Filters

We use real-time filters to allow your users to have access to information, which boosts their profit margins.

Successful Track 


Big Data Analytics

Our robust stock trading app platform leverages your big data information to help users make more precise decisions.

Timely Delivery


Cloud Computing

With our effortless system, we offer you access to all the market data. You can avoid expensive hardware purchasing.

Scalability for Future Growth



We integrate an engaging newsfeed to keep your users engaged with the latest norms and recent listings.

Why Choose Protonshub Technologies for Trading App Development?

Get ready to embrace innovation with us by developing a scalable and robust stock trading app that is customized to meet your unique investment goals. Hire us and take a step towards optimizing your trading experience.



Domain Understanding

Along with the design and technology, our team of experts pays attention to the quality of the domain to help you build a lasting business reputation.

Proven OTT  Technology Expertise


Security and Reliability

We go above and beyond to design a safe stock trading app as per your requirements. Our team conducts a 360-degree check before delivering the app.

Flexible App Development Process


Compliance with Legal Norms

Our developed stock market trading apps comply with government standards and legal norms. We take pride in developing the most suitable app for you.

Successful Track 


Fastest Delivery Speed

We design and deliver the trading app within the promised timeframe. We also ensure that the developed app offers the best transaction experience to users.

Timely Delivery


24/7 Support

Our team offers round-the-clock support so you don’t have to face any technical issues related to your stock trading app.

Scalability for Future Growth


Experienced Developers

Our developers have the necessary experience and expertise in building stock trading apps. We guarantee high-quality performance and quick turnaround.

Reliable Support and Maintenance


Non-Disclosure Agreement

We understand your needs and requirements for stock trading app development and keep details under wraps. Your idea is completely safe with us.

Ease of 



Our stock market app developers create the most cost-effective trading solution with basic and advanced features.

Our Process of Stock Trading App Development

  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

    We prioritize documentation for clarity and a better understanding of our user’s requirements.

  • 2

    Designs and Wireframes

    We create interactive UI designs that rightly describe the user-friendly flow of the web and app.

  • 3

    Prototype Demo

    Once the designs get approved, we develop prototypes to help our clients get a better idea of the web and app.

  • 4

    Changes and Confirmation

    We make the necessary changes as per the client’s feedback and proceed with their confirmation.

  • 5


    After approval, we start with the development by using the most suitable technology and tools.s

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    After deployment, we offer support and maintenance services as per the decided terms in our agreement.

How You Can Begin With Us?

01 Approach

You can reach out to us with your business requirements. We will analyze your needs and provide you with a realistic timeline and cost.

02 Confirmation

Once you get the quote, you can provide us with your confirmation. We will start with customizing as per your needs.

03 Team

We provide you with the most skilled and experienced team for your stock market trading app development.

04 Test

Once developed, you can test your app and confirm. If you are satisfied, we will proceed with the deployment.

05 Feedback

We sign off on the project after delivering you complete satisfaction. We provide you with ongoing support and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A scalable stock trading app must have certain features, like market analytics, easy navigation, authentication, statistical data, and push notifications.

The cost of developing a stock trading app depends on multiple factors such as the app’s layout, app’s functionality, location of developers, and more.

The stock trading apps that we develop have essential features like market, limit, stop, and stop limit orders.

If you are a newly established company, you need to consider the legal complications while getting a stock trading app developed. First, you can get a license from the regulatory body of your country. Second, join the investors' protection program to establish credibility. Lastly, use multi-factor authentication to prevent fraud.

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