How to Build An App Like Airbnb

How to Develop an App Like Airbnb

In the past few years, the gig economy has seen a massive rise and the increasing number of Airbnb is a testament to it. This fact indicates that knowing how to build an app like Airbnb can be beneficial.

People have a misconception that the vacation rental niche is oversaturated. However, they are unaware that giants like Airbnb own only 10-15% of the vacation rental market. It leaves almost 40-45% of the market open for other startups to develop Airbnb clone apps.

If you have an interest in developing an app like Airbnb and would like to know everything about it, read this blog. We will discuss:

  • Vacation rental market overview
  • How does Airbnb work?
  • Airbnb business model
  • A step-by-step guide to developing an app like Airbnb
  • Advanced features of vacation rental apps like Airbnb
  • Third-party integration service
  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb?

Vacation Rental Market Overview

Did you know that the global vacation rental market size was estimated at $82.63 billion in 2022? This figure is likely to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2023 to 2030.

USA Vacation Rental Market

In terms of region, Europe is a dominant market player, with a share of 34.62% in 2022. It highlights Europe’s interest in catching up with the growing trend of glamping and accommodation bookings. In the coming years, the UK is likely to become the fastest-growing market in the region, with a CAGR of 5.8% from 2023 to 2030.

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How Does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb is a dynamic app with two types of users - guests and landlords. For successful mobile app development like Airbnb, you need to understand the user’s and host’s points of view.

How Does Airbnb Work For Guests?

  • Users go to the Airbnb mobile app or web version to register themselves as a guest.
  • After completing the profile, a user adds necessary information such as profile picture, ID number, and more.
  • By using the available filters (like the type of space, location, and price), a guest can choose a place to stay.
  • After finding the space, the guest requests for stay and gets confirmation.
  • Then the guest pays for a reservation to enjoy the stay.

How Does Airbnb Work For Hosts?

  • The user is required to log in as the “host” and confirm that they are over the age of 18.
  • Next, the host needs to register their property on Airbnb and add information about the accommodation like type of apartment, number of guests, location, and more.
  • The host must upload real pictures of their apartment and set the price.
  • When any guest requests a stay, the host can start a conversation with them to discuss all the details.
  • After everything goes fine, the host approves the stay.
  • The host receives the pay in 24 hours after the guest checks in.

Airbnb Business Model

Airbnb works on a simple business model where it allows spare apartment or house owners to earn extra money by renting it. Guests from all over the world can make bookings in various locations.

Along with iOS and Android, Airbnb supports smartwatches so users can receive notifications faster and stay updated about any changes.

Airbnb’s main revenue model is booking fees. Depending on the reservation size, guests are supposed to pay a 6-12% booking fee. As for hosts, they must pay 3% for every transaction.

Airbnb business model

A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing an App Like Airbnb

Developing a robust app like Airbnb can be a daunting task. But with careful execution and planning, you can simplify the task. You can follow these steps:

Guide to Developing an App Like Airbnb

1. Identify Your Target Audience

You must identify your target audience before diving into app development. By knowing your audience’s preferences, needs, and demographics, you can design an app that fulfills their specific requirements.

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2. Choose Your App’s Feature

After identifying your target audience, your next step is to choose features that you want to add to your app. This is your chance to differentiate your app from competitors. Select features wisely and fill the market gap with your robust app.

3. Select a Development Platform

You can choose to develop your app on Android, iOS, or both. The key is to get on board with the platform that best aligns with your goals and audience.

4. Hire a Development Team

Choose the best mobile app development company so you can get experienced developers to work with you. Make sure the development team you choose has prior experience in developing travel apps.

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5. Design Your App’s UI

Your app’s UI needs to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. You should hire a designer who can create an impressive user interface that meets your target audience’s needs.

6. Develop Your App’s Backend

Remember that your app’s backend is the engine that powers it. So, you must focus on developing a robust backend that can handle the app’s features and user traffic.

7. Test Your App

Thoroughly check the app to ensure that it works properly. Before launching, if you come across any issues or bugs, fix them and then proceed with deployment.

8. Launch Your App

After your app is ready, you can launch it. Make sure you develop a launch strategy to reach your target audience effectively and quickly.

9. Monitor and Update Your App

Once your app is launched, you must monitor it regularly for issues. Regularly updating the app will keep you competitive in the market. Take into consideration the user feedback to continuously improve your app.

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Advanced Features of Vacation Rental Apps Like Airbnb

When you develop a vacation rental app like Airbnb, you must add these advanced features:

Vacation Rental App Airbnb

1. Social Logins/Sign-ups

It's a useful functionality because people don’t like filling in long details to sign up for an app. Users can quickly register for an app using their social networking platforms.

2. Push Notifications

This feature helps send instant alerts and notifications to users, encouraging them to take action. For instance, if a guest makes a request, the host is instantly notified. Or if there’s a change in bookings, users are notified.

3. Voice Assistance

When developing the Airbnb clone app, add a voice assistant feature. It’s a helpful hand-free tool that can handle several jobs and services, such as taking phone calls & providing basic information or scheduling travel, tickets, hotel rooms, and other services.

4. Weather Forecast

Weather forecasting is an essential feature that helps users look at weather predictions and book accommodations accordingly.

5. Currency Converter

Using the latest live exchange rates, the currency converter feature makes it simple and quick for users to convert one currency to another. It makes calculating the exchange rate for currencies easier.

6. Language Support

With the help of this function, users can translate the descriptions into their native tongue. Here’s how this feature works: Google Translator receives a specific description and does the translation work. The text is then translated into the target language, bridging the communication gap between the host and the visitor.

7. In-app Navigation

This function lets users search for apartments, cafes, landmarks, and more in the area they want to visit. Here, visitors can use a map to choose the perfect place to stay. This functionality makes it easy for guests to search for accommodation if they want to stay at a particular place that is not on the list.

8. In-app Calls and Chats

Upon requesting a stay, the visitor and host can start a conversation to go over all the specifics of their stay. This makes it easy for the host and visitor to get in touch whenever needed.

9. In-App Document Management

Several documents need to be exchanged between the hosts and the visitors to book a stay. This feature makes it easy to transfer the documents.

10. CMS Integrations

The content management system can be used to manage the content posted on the app. This system monitors users' content to better handle and improve user engagement.

11. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an effective means of maintaining users' loyalty to a brand. Discounts and vouchers are given to users as a token of appreciation for their loyalty, which motivates them to stay connected to the app.

12. Multiple Settings Option

The settings option that you provide to users must allow them to edit their profiles, accept or reject push alerts, select their preferred payment methods, and edit their wishlists. The more options you provide to your users, the more comfortable they will be while navigating your app.

Third-Party Integration Service

Besides the advanced Airbnb app features, you must also add these third-party integration services into your Airbnb clone app to make it better than your competitors:

  • Hiking Supplies Rental
  • Fishing Equipment Rental
  • Photography Equipment Rental
  • Portable Toilet Rental
  • Cab/Taxi Booking Booking
  • Travel Tickets Booking
  • Tour Guide Booking
  • Luxury Car Rental
  • Vanity Vans Rental
  • Musical Instrument Rental
  • Ski Supplies Rental
  • Cabin Rental Business
  • Sports Bike Rental
  • Boat Rental Business
  • Camping Supplies Rental

As per your audience’s interest and geographical location, you can add a few other third-party integration services as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

When creating an Airbnb clone app for a single platform with the most basic functionalities, the cost will be $25,000 and $30,000. But if you want to develop the clone app for both iOS and Android platforms with advanced features, the cost can increase up to $50000–$60000.

Remember that it's just an estimate. To calculate the actual cost, you need to consider these factors:

  • Number of Platforms: You can design the app for both iOS and Android or a single platform. Your decision can be based on the audience’s location and device environment. For instance, developing an Android app requires 20–30% more time than developing an iOS app.
  • Complexity: You should rank the features in your app as per their level of complexity, ranging from simple to medium to high. The time developers take to implement these features will affect the app development cost.
  • Size Development Team: The development team should consist of a project manager (to oversee the entire process), front-end & back-end developers, UX/UI designers, and specialists in quality analysis.
  • App Design: If you use custom tools and graphics instead of the standard design, the cost of developing an Airbnb-like app will increase.

Here are the average hourly prices for each region:

  • USA and Canada: $50–$250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $20–$150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $30–$170 per hour
  • Australia: $50 to $150 per hour
  • India: $10-$80/hour

Why Choose Protonshub to Develop Airbnb Clone App?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to create an app like Airbnb for the iOS platform is almost 800 hours and for the Android platform, it is 1000 hours.

Airbnb clone app development requires you to use technologies like React Native (for cross-platform development, MongoDB (for database), Node.js (for backend), and AWS for hosting.

The process of developing an Airbnb clone app is complex because the app requires several must-have features. So, it is not possible to reduce the time and cost of Airbnb app development. If you still do it, you will end up compromising on the quality.

You can reach out to Protonshub Technologies to create an Airbnb clone app. Our team has vast experience in creating vacation rental apps.

When developing an Airbnb clone app, you must consider legal aspects like data privacy regulations, terms of service and user agreements, intellectual property rights for the app’s branding and design, and compliance with local regulations.


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