Healthcare Mobile App Development Services USA

Our healthcare app development services in the USA are tailored to help MedTech organizations, private clinics, hospitals, and startups. We develop custom healthcare mobile apps to modernize patient examinations, improve patient care, and minimize routine clinic visits. This significantly improves medical care and user experience.

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Healthcare App Development Company That Makes an Impact

We design and develop robust healthcare apps with out-of-the-box features!

As a leading healthcare app development company USA, we strictly adhere to common security compliances like HIPAA and GDPR. It allows us to deliver healthcare apps that exceed the privacy expectations set by these crucial standards. What sets us apart is our dedication to creating unique and intuitive solutions to empower healthcare professionals.

Innovative Healthcare Apps for Medical Professionals and Doctors

Our highly adaptive healthcare app for medical professionals and doctors:

  • Use patient information through medical reference apps. 
  • Manage and monitor patient information through Electronic Health Record (EHR). 
  • Stay connected with the latest healthcare updates through Continuing Medical Education (CME) apps.
  • View CT scans and medical images through AI-driven medical imaging apps.
  • Conduct virtual consultations through telemedicine apps. 
  • Manage medication orders through prescription management apps.
healthcare app development company usa
Application development for Hospitals and Clinics

Scalable Apps for Hospitals and Clinics

Our unique healthcare apps for hospitals and clinics:

  • Track vital signs in real-time through patient monitoring apps.
  • Offer virtual consultations and remote healthcare through telehealth solutions.
  • Track and manage medical supplies through inventory management apps.
  • Maintain seamless team communication through staff communication apps.
  • Perform resource allocation and streamline operations through hospital management apps.
  • Give evidence-based recommendations through clinical decision support apps.
  • Store and manage patient records through Electronic Health Record (EHR) apps.

Custom Healthcare Apps for Patients

Our user-friendly healthcare apps for patients:

  • Offer stress management, meditation, yoga, and more through mental health apps.
  • Track calorie intake, water intake, step counters, and more through health monitoring apps.
  • Schedule consultations through appointment-scheduling healthcare apps.
  • Provide self-care through fitness and wellness apps.
  • Monitor symptoms through data-driven AI symptoms tracking apps.
  • Offer daily care and diet plans through pregnancy apps.
  • Monitor menstrual pain with diet plans and practical exercises through menstrual cycle apps. 
  • Track medicine intake through medicine-tracking apps.
Custom Healthcare App development

Why Choose Protonshub Technologies for Custom Healthcare Mobile App Development?

Our healthcare mobile app is designed to simplify day-to-day operations and offer a better user experience.

  • Have 5+ years of experience in mobile and web development services.
  • 93% client retention rate across. 
  • Wide industry experience in healthcare, entertainment, logistics & travel, food, edtech, and fintech.
  • Successfully completed 500+ mobile and web app development projects. 
  • Delivered 98% of projects on time and budget. 
  • Use advanced technologies like Java, Blockchain, Node.js, Python, React, and more. 
  • 3000+ clients from 25 countries and 5 continents.
  • Use superior-quality code to reduce maintenance requirements and increase stability.
Custom Healthcare Mobile App Development

Custom Healthcare Mobile App Development Process We Follow

As a leading healthcare app development USA company, we follow a systematic approach that can revolutionize the healthcare industry. Our app development process addresses end users’ paint points and adheres to industry regulations and standards. This is how we create your healthcare mobile app:

Our team starts the healthcare mobile app development process by thoroughly analyzing your requirements and industry needs. It helps us understand your goals and correctly target the audience. Following this, our experts develop a comprehensive project plan while outlining the key milestones. At last, we collaborate with stakeholders to define app features and functionalities.
We craft visually appealing interfaces for healthcare mobile apps to deliver exceptional user experience. Our team applies design thinking principles and develops interactive prototypes to maintain a smooth patient and doctor journey. We make sure that the created mobile app design is in sync with your brand’s vision and boosts user engagement.
We integrate the developed healthcare mobile app with the current healthcare infrastructure. Our team ensures seamless integrations of your app with common systems like Electronic Health Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Radiology Information Systems, and more. Following this, we create regular feedback loops to have a refined development.
After designing, our team of skilled front-end and back-end developers follow agile methodology to build robust healthcare mobile apps. We break down the mobile app development process into manageable sprints for better adaptability and growth. We also ensure your regular involvement throughout the project development so the app aligns with your goals and requirements. We are ready to make any changes that come across the development process.

Our Engagement Models

In order to serve you better, we have created three engagement models. You can choose one as per your budget and timeframe.


Under the fixed-budget model, we work on an agreed price.

Time and Material

Under this model, we charge you as per team size and development. This model is recommended for flexible SOW projects.

Full-Time Resource, Hour-Based

Under this model, you get full-time resources on an hour-based charge with a fixed total budget spent.

Our Case Studies

Our application software developers are industry-specific technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable, scalable, and flexible web & mobile applications for all kinds of industries.

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Innovative Healthcare App That Redefines Your Business Success

Frequently Asked Questions

The possible healthcare app development trends of 2024 include blockchain in healthcare, precision medicine, telemedicine & remote patient monitoring, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), virtual & augmented reality, cybersecurity & data privacy, data & predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Yes, our healthcare app development services are aligned with HIPPA compliance standards. Our team at Protonshub Technologies also has the required skills and expertise to develop a healthcare app, which is safe to use and is integrated with top-notch features.

The selection of the right platform truly depends on your requirements and end goals. Android platform should be your choice if a higher percentage of your target audience is Android users. Likewise, you must choose the iOS platform if the majority of the audience in your target region is iPhone users. However, if you want to satisfy the needs of both the audience, you can choose cross-platform development.

AI-enabled healthcare development refers to the process of integrating AI technologies in healthcare for better diagnosis and research. In addition, it uses the ML algorithm to thoroughly analyze the healthcare data and help healthcare professionals with better decision-making.

To offer complete client satisfaction, Protonshub Technologies offers post-development support and maintenance services. It helps us ensure that the developed and delivered healthcare app performs well and functions smoothly across all platforms.