How to Build a Salon Appointment Booking App?

How to Build a Salon Appointment Booking App

Finding the best salon app and booking an appointment can be a daunting task. It can take too much time and energy, and people rarely have time to call a salon to book an appointment. This thing has created a gap in the market.

The solution? Building a salon management system that makes it easier for people to book appointments whenever they want. By creating a robust app, not only you can help users but also allow managers to save time by managing their appointments efficiently.

Furthermore, investing in the salon business can be profitable because the beauty and personal care market in the USA alone has generated a revenue of $97.81 billion in 2023. Also, the global market of this industry is projected to cross $716 billion by the year 2025.

If you are ready to invest in an industry with profitable growth, building a salon booking app is the right way to get started. For app development, you can reach out to Protonshub Technologies, an award-winning mobile and web app development company.

Read this blog to understand how to build a salon booking app, the features to add, the development cost, and more.

Designing and Developing a Salon App

Do you have a beauty salon or do you want to enter the industry without one? Well, in either case, getting a salon booking app is suggested.

Since there is an app for almost everything, creating a user-friendly salon booking app can help you succeed. Here’s why you should consider developing an app:

  • It can boost your business growth
  • It can help you save money in the future
  • It makes appointment booking easier for users

So, if the idea of developing a salon booking app pumps you up, hire a reliable salon app development company today.

1. Seamless and Easier Bookings

If you own a beauty salon, an app can make it easier and seamless for you to manage bookings. It helps ensure that no two people accidentally book at one time. Also, you can have complete data on how many bookings are made and how many free time slots are available.

2. Digital Improvement

By owning a booking app, you can easily advertise your salon and the kind of services you offer. In simple terms, a user-friendly and scalable salon booking app can help you get noticed and attract customers so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

3. Customer Retention

Salon booking app not only helps you attract customers but also increases your user retention capacity.

As an app is likely to help your business in so many ways, it becomes your responsibility to hire the best front-end and back-end developers for the work.

Steps to Building a Salon Booking App

Before hiring a beauty salon app development company, you need to understand exactly why you want an app. In addition, you must know the pain points that customers face.

Once you know these things, follow the steps below to create a successful and scalable salon appointment booking app:

Steps to Building a Salon Booking App

1. Define Your Goals

Make sure you define your goals before jumping to the development part to offer an enhanced and streamlined experience to your users.

Many beauty salons have developed an app to simplify the appointment booking process, help users manage their appointments and preferences, and offer personalized recommendations as per user’s interests. Likewise, certain beauty salons use the app to act as a hub for hairstyle inspiration, beauty tips, and promotions/discounts.

You must also do detailed research to know what your customers want and lack in an app. Market research helps you get user feedback and allows you to create an app accordingly to serve the user better.

2. Define Your Target Audience

One of the most important steps in building a salon app is identifying your audience. Analyze the audience to understand whether you want to target professionals, stay-at-home moms, college students, or someone else. Depending on your preference, you can define your app’s functionality.

3. Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Identifying your unique selling point can provide you with an edge in the market. Your USP can either be the services you offer, pricing, user-friendly app interface, or something else.

4. Develop Brand Identity

Remember that your app’s brand should reflect the USP. So, try to keep your branding consistent throughout the platforms.

5. Technology Stack

Lastly, you should find the best technology stack to build a salon app that aligns with your needs and budget. When choosing a technology stack, you should consider factors like budget, features, and the development team’s experience.

Features to Include in Your Salon Booking App

As the beauty industry is constantly evolving, you need to keep your app updated with the latest techs and trends. Therefore, during salon app development, you must add the right features for both users and admins to make your app useful.

Features of Salon App

For Users

When it comes to users, you need to add certain features that can make salon booking easier and less time-consuming for them.


The first requirement of creating a useful salon appointment booking app is adding a functional catalog feature. By using this feature, you can inform users about the available services. You can further classify the services into different categories so users can quickly book an appointment for their desired service.


Your app’s next requirement is a robust booking feature. Make sure the salon app development company you have hired uses the most appropriate technologies and tools for third-party integration.

A seamless booking feature will allow and motivate users to book any service they want without any hassle. Keep the booking process simple and easy to follow.


Make sure your salon booking app is integrated with a complete management system so users can check the status of their booking. Likewise, the management system must allow users to see their previous bookings and profile details.


Remember to integrate your app with the most advanced and popular payment options to make it successful. Seamless payment options motivate users to select their desired payment method and pay directly via the app.


If you have a salon in multiple locations, adding a location feature during the development of the salon booking app makes sense. By using this feature, users can easily find a salon in their nearest location.

For Admins

Just like users, the admins using the salon booking app also need a certain feature to effectively manage the app. Here’s a list of features you can add to your app for admins:

Booking Calendar

Remember to add a “booking calendar” feature in your app for admins. With the help of this feature, admins can see future bookings and have systematic data on their previous bookings. In addition, the booking calendar feature must allow admins to set slots as per availability.

Appointment Management

Besides the “booking calendar,” admins require a robust management system to handle users and appointments without any issues. Likewise, everything needs to be accessible to admins.

Catalog Modification

Certain times beauty salon adds, removes, and modifies their services. To make sure the app aligns with the current requirements of beauty salons, you must add a “catalog modification” feature.

How Much Does Salon App Building Costs?

In a nutshell, predicting the cost of salon app development is not easy as it depends on multiple factors. But on average, the cost of salon booking app development starts from 3000 USD. The price can increase as per your requirements.

If you want to a salon app for the iOS platform, follow the agile development methodology to complete the app development quickly. The features that you wish to add not only simplify the process for admins and customers but also increase the overall development cost.

You need to decide on the platform between Android and iOS that you want to develop the app for. If your targeted audience seems to using both platforms, invest in creating a hybrid app.

Likewise, you must figure out whether you want an application development company to take over the development project or you want to work with a team of indentured developers.

Here are some factors that influence the salon booking app development cost:

  • UI/UX development
  • Back-end app development
  • Front-end app development
  • Features of the app
  • Platform choice: Android or iOS


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