Advantages of Utilizing Ruby on Rails for Application Development in 2023

Advantages of Utilizing Ruby on Rails for Application Development in 2023

The fast-paced environment waits for no one, and Ruby on Rails (RoR), understood the assignment better than any other framework. Productive frameworks like Ruby have transformed the way of working in the web development culture all over the world. After all, who would like to delay their work when there is a much faster option? No one, right! Well, apart from the productivity, RoR offers a wide range of features and benefits along with a fantastic user experience which makes it the go-to choice for developers. So if you are looking for application development, hire Ruby on Rails developer on priority.

Enough bragging about the oldest yet the most efficient framework, now let’s dig a little deep to have a better grasp of what Ruby on Rails is and what difference it has brought to the application/web development industry. This blog will accompany you through the major features and advantages of RoR so you can make an informed decision for your organization.

Ruby on Rails: an Overview

Ruby on Rails is a combination of two words that is Ruby & Rails. Ruby is a high-level programming language and is interpreted like Python, Pearl, and Tcl/TK. Meanwhile, Rails is an extremely productive web application framework written in Ruby by David Heinemeier Hansson.

Therefore, Ruby on Rails, or simply ‘Rails’ becomes an open-source framework written in the Ruby programming language for web development, automation, data processing, and many more. For the unaware, RoR is the oldest framework to have ever existed and still is the first choice of developers in a time of need. It supports MVC (model-view-controller) architecture that offers a default structure for databases, web services, and web pages. It further employs web standards like XML or JSON for transferring data, while CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the user interface. Rails-based web applications are often dynamic, robust, and faster to build.

This is the major reason why RoR app development is mostly the first choice of startups as well. It reduces the development time of an application by 25% to 40%. The quickly configured development environment, in-built modules, and easy syntax allow for rapid Ruby on Rails application development. Leading tech giants like Airbnb, Shopify, Basecamp, Dribble, GitHub, and Fiverr, among several others are relying heavily on RoR. Well, that was your hint to consider Ruby on Rails development services.

Principles of RoR

Ruby on Rails supports MVC (model-view-controller) full-stack framework. The code is segregated

  • Model contains the essential data, high-level classes, and the logic of the application.
  • View is what the user interacts with and sees on their screens
  • Controller connects the model with the view, receives user input, and controls how the input is handled.

These layers bring us to the two principles of RoR:

1. Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY)

This first principle goes like: “Every piece of knowledge or logic must have a single, unambiguous representation within a system.” This means that coding should not be repetitive in different parts of an application, as it can lower the development process as well as makes the maintenance harder.

2. Convention over Configuration (CoC):

CoC in easy terms means you are getting completely cooked food over the ingredients and a gas station. RoR assumes different logical situations for the user, by using variables, procedures, classes, and native functions and helps the developer instead of making them code everything from scratch. This basically reduces the time a user takes in creating complex configurations. However, you can overwrite them anytime as per your preferences.

Latest features of Ruby on Rails

  • Turbolinks
  • Action View
  • Keyword Arguments
  • Action Cable
  • Rake Command
  • Model #prepend
  • Symbol Garbage Collector
  • AJAX library
  • Customized library
  • Rails API
  • Actionpack Assertions
  • Render From Anywhere

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

While considering the development requirements which are scalable, rapid, and simple, a Ruby on Rails development company should be the go-to preference, and below are the answers to your why!

1. Cost Effective

No one likes to spend more money when they have the option to save it. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that is completely free and runs on Linux. Even the leading website development companies in USA with the best budget are going for RoR. Well, there must be a good reason for it, and there is. RoR is not only a cheaper option but it is a better one too, and this is a rare combination.

2. Faster Coding

Ruby's object-oriented design makes it easier to create application pieces. Second, the code is simple and modular, there are numerous plugins that reduce the time required to write new code, and integrated testing tools allow developers to test the app independently of any third parties.

3. Excellent Performance

High-performance applications can be created with Ruby on Rails software development. The ideas of convention over configuration as well as don't repeat yourself let developers create apps that are built to the same standards as the best applications in the market. Meanwhile, the application’s performance can be raised by code optimization. Also, there are many modules in Rails that can manage complicated data-based requirements and provide computing abilities.

4. Flexibility

Because Rails is updated frequently, businesses may adapt their apps to suit changing technological needs. In addition, Rails gives developers the option to delete, redefine, and later add modules for any functionalities they might have missed. On the other hand, Ruby itself has a large selection of modules and a simple syntax that is understandable by developers at any level of the development cycle.

5. Rich Libraries

Numerous libraries in Ruby on Rails help to accelerate the development process. It is predicted that RoR will cut development time by roughly 25 to 50% when compared to other languages. The RoR program is designed such that convention prevails over configuration. This facilitates the developer's task while retaining the framework's adaptability and customizability.

6. Plenty of Free Plugins

Free plugins, also known as Gems are one of the major advantages of RoR. RoR has made it possible to customize your business needs by incorporating advanced-level services.

7. Stability & Security

Ruby on Rails is a safe as well as reliable framework because it has grown substantially over the last few years. The web application is totally safe from threats and vulnerabilities thanks to the built-in security procedures. RoR offers defense against various threats, including SQL injections, cross-site scripting, unsafe direct object references, cross-site request forgery, and forced browsing.

8. Large Community

One of the biggest groups and repositories on GitHub is dedicated to RoR developers, and this is the reason the Ruby on Rails development companies are always trending. The Ruby on Rails community provides the best of both worlds: both theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, Ruby on Rails web developers are readily available and help one another out on various projects. Currently, Rails developers have enough experience to use it to create really complicated projects.

Large Community

Frequently Asked Questions

RoR has so many benefits including cost-saving, flexibility, huge libraries, MVC architecture, and many more, which makes it a good choice for building a web application.

Ruby on Rails is best used for building social networking sites, online stores with simple browsing & buying options, and stock marketing platforms.

Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify, Hulu, Dribble, CrunchBase, Codecademy, and Basecamp, among others, are some of the prominent companies that use Ruby on Rails.

RoR is the oldest framework and is still in trend among skilled developers, owing to its ease of use and efficiency. This trend is likely to continue in 2023 because of its consistent upgrades.

RoR is not a good fit for the following cases: websites with high traffic, blogs, and simple static web applications


In 2023, Ruby on Rails (RoR) will still be a strong and adaptable framework for creating online applications. It appeals to users, developers, and companies alike due to its advantages over competing programming languages and frameworks. RoR enables developers to quickly construct and deploy high-quality applications thanks to its emphasis on convention over configuration and its comprehensive set of built-in tools and libraries. This can be especially valuable in fast-paced industries where time-to-market is critical. Ruby on Rails web development companies are constantly improving, owing to the huge demand and active community of developers. This guarantees that RoR stays current and relevant and that new features and functionality are consistently added. It is an appealing option for both companies and developers due to its speed, scalability, user experience focus, open-source nature, large community, and cost-effectiveness. Today, Ruby on Rails is used by hundreds of businesses to create software solutions and prototypes. It is the ideal technology for businesses looking for a simple, lightweight software solution.

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