Tech Meets Love: The Coolest Features Coming to Dating Apps in 2024

The Coolest Features Coming to Dating Apps in 2024

Online dating apps have established themselves as a key player in social connections. As a part of the dramatically changing tech landscape, dating apps are evolving the way people build relationships. This is why business owners in 2024 are showing more interest in hiring a dating app development company to design and develop an app for better growth of their company.

From entrepreneurs to large corporate owners, everyone needs to understand the importance of well-functioning dating apps. That’s because it not only helps stay ahead of the market competition but also boosts modern relationship-building.

In this blog, we have listed the coolest features coming to dating apps in 2024. We have also discussed the market statistics of dating apps, basic development plan layouts, and more. Once you have understood the key concepts of creating a dating app, you can reach out to Protonshub Technology, your trusted dating mobile development company.

Market Statistics of Dating Apps

Before we start discussing the coolest features that will change dating apps in 2024, let’s check the market statistics to understand the possible dating app industry growth and opportunities.

Talking about market growth, the online dating market is projected to cross $9.2 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 5.3%. Likewise, the number of online dating users is expected to cross 452.5m by 2028. Between mobile and web apps, the majority of users choose the former due to quick accessibility.

Key Features for Dating Apps in 2024

When creating dating apps, you need to include basic features like a registration form, user profile, geolocation to find people nearby, messenger, and social media connection to properly test your app with a real audience.

In addition to the basic features, you can add these advanced features to make your dating app viral and successful:

Key Features for Dating Apps

1. Partner Search Algorithm

Dating apps come with simple filters like age and gender, which let users weed out irrelevant people. But you can make your search algorithm much smarter by allowing it to feed on compatible survey responses. For instance, you can use astrology to create your algorithm.

2. Video Chatting

Texting is no longer enough to satisfy people who love to communicate. For example, some people can only establish a connection when they hear the sound of their partner. You can add real-time communication features like video and audio calls to your dating app. It takes users beyond chats and makes them meet virtually, which significantly increases interaction and engagement on the app.

Making sure that the conversations taking place within your dating app are secure is as vital as implementing the advanced in-app calling features. Likewise, ensuring that users feel comfortable using your dating app is also your responsibility.

3. Ice-Breaker

Not every user match results in a chat because everyone is not prepared to initiate a conversation. Luckily, icebreakers can help users strike up a conversation with their potential partners. For instance, you can integrate your dating app with an advanced feature to generate funny questions, which users can select and send to others. Humor can often bring people together.

4. Push Notifications

One of the easiest ways to grab user attention is by sending them push notifications. A simple notification sound is enough to make users curious and open your dating app. You can invest in designing personalized alerts to make users more connected to your app while also respecting their privacy.

For better engagement, you can use basic information like interests, past behavior, and location. Based on the information, you can send your target users better push notifications.

Basic Planning Layout to Develop a Dating App

When creating dating apps from scratch, you need to have a thorough understanding of the development process. Hire dating app developer and follow this step-by-step guide to create a successful dating app:

How to Create a Dating App

1. Planning

The first step is planning where you need to specify the goals, features, USPs, and target market of your dating app. The tone for the entire development process gets established at this stage. In addition, it also influences everyday decisions that follow.

2. Wireframing

The next step is wireframing, which provides a visual representation of the dating app. This step helps you ensure that the user expectations are fulfilled in terms of design and functionality. You must pay attention to details because the design of a dating app is how 75% of users determine its credibility.

3. Development

When you move toward the development phase, coding becomes more important. Entrepreneurs need to select the best tech stack for their apps because around 85% of users delete apps due to their poor performance.

4. Testing

Lastly, you must conduct beta testing to check your app's viability. As a responsible business owner, you should select an appropriate tech stack to check your app’s performance. If you come across any issues, fix them before making your dating app available for general public use. It will significantly reduce the app uninstall rate.

Likewise, you should hire a reliable team of professional developers to design and develop a secure dating app on a budget.

During the product development process, two typical challenges arise, which are getting users and creating your brand in a crowded market. According to statistics, 21% of users stop using an app after just one use, which highlights the importance of having a unique value proposition to keep users.

Developing a dating app is not just about coding; you also need the right strategy to make it successful. You should have a thorough understanding of the market and a team of dedicated experts who can deliver the best user experience. As the process of development is ever-changing, you need to design a dating app with scalability to stay relevant in the market for years.

Top Dating App Development Ideas in 2024

Here are 5 best dating app development ideas that are expected to boom in 2024:

Best Dating App Development Ideas

1. Niche Dating Apps

You can create a dating app for niche markets like foodies, vacationers, pet owners, or specialists in a certain field. People who share similar hobbies and passions can easily connect through these apps.

2. Video Dating Apps

You can include a video feature in your dating app, allowing users to record a short introductory video or have video calls. It allows users to have a deeper connection via video dating apps and establish transparency.

3. Slow Dating

Create an app that encourages slow and intentional dating. Slow dating apps restrict the number of matches or conversations per day, helping users concentrate on meaningful relationships.

4. Group Dating

Develop dating applications that promote social gatherings and group outings. It allows users to meet their potential partners in a casual group environment, which decreases the pressure that comes with one-on-one dates.

5. Relationship Coaching

You can offer personalized relationship coaching within your dating app. This way, users can get the right guidance and resources to improve their dating experiences.

Strategic Aspect of Creating a Dating App

Here are a few things you need to consider when creating a dating app:

1. User Privacy and Safety

Despite the type of dating app you want to create, your users’ privacy and safety come first. As a business owner, you need robust security protocols, secure authentication, and encryption to protect user data.

If you want your dating app to succeed, you need to build user trust. With 73% of users worrying about data privacy, establishing trust will not only attract users but it will also help you retain them.

2. Integrating Advanced Features

Add advanced features to your dating app to make it compete in the market. You can use AI for matching algorithms, which will improve the app's overall usability and efficiency. Likewise, you can satisfy growing user needs via features like video chat and virtual dates.

Staying ahead of the latest trends can be overwhelming but it is essential to survive the ever-changing dating app world. During dating mobile app development, you must use the most advanced features to make it stand out in a crowded market.


Finding love through dating apps has become a new reality, which is why the dating app industry is growing at a rapid rate.

If you have a concept of a new dating app, you can reach out to Protonshub Technologies. We work with a team of skilled professionals who offer the most advanced dating app development services.

We have assisted many companies turn their dating app ideas into a reality and we can help you too. Reach out to us for more details!

We have assisted many companies turn their dating app ideas into a reality and we can help you too. Reach out to us for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced features that a dating app should have are profile verification, profile recommendation, data security, gamification, profile performance checker, advanced search, behavior analysis, and more. These features not only ensure the safety of dating apps but also make the platform much more engaging and easy to use.

There is no specific answer to how much time it takes to build a dating app. That’s because the time frame is influenced by a list of factors including the use of tech stack, complexity of the app, required features, experience of developers, and more.

Presently, the dating app industry is rising with no signs of declining. This market is profitable and you can reap benefits from it by investing in dating app development. Make sure you hire a team of skilled developers to get the job done right.
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