React UI Libraries for Building Impressive Web Applications

React UI Libraries for Building Impressive Web Applications

Did you know that almost 75% of consumers have admitted to judging the credibility of a website by the way it looks? It means a large part of a website’s success depends on the design and quality of the website.

During large-scale custom web application development, the most crucial aspect to focus on is the product’s UI. That’s because UI dictates the visual and interactive elements of a website to its users.

However, writing separate code for changes that need to be done in the design can be time-consuming. That’s where programming libraries gain popularity. By using the correct UI component library, you can make the entire task faster and simpler.

In this article, we will discuss what React UI library is, its benefits, and some of the best React UI libraries to use.

React UI Library: An Overview

React UI library refers to a collection of pre-coded UI elements that can be used to speed up the development process. These ready-to-use elements can be anything from cards and buttons to complex components like charts.

The goal of the React UI library is to simplify the overall UI development process by providing a range of tested elements. When hiring a company to avail of custom web application development services, make sure its developers use the most appropriate library.

Here’s how the React UI library elements are useful for users, designers, and developers:

React UI library elements


How the React UI library is helpful for developers:

  • Pre-coded UI elements standardize the front-end development process
  • Speeds up the development of new apps
  • Decreases the need for constant updates and maintenance
  • Allows new team members to get started without hassle


How the React UI library is helpful for designers:

  • Help in maintaining a conistent UI to offer a harmonious feel and look
  • Provides pre-made designs to be used quickly without having to create new design assets


How the React UI library is helpful for users:

  • Ready-to-use elements offer a consistent interface, which improves user experience
  • Enhances navigation experience for better business outcomes

Why You Should Use React UI Library?

Wondering why you should use React UI libraries when providing web app development services? Here’s why:

1. Quicker Development

React UI library introduces you to a world of pre-made elements suitable for your design. When using these elements, you no longer have to write codes for every component. This thing eventually speeds up the development process.

2. Stunning UI

Not only does the React UI library speed up the development process but it also lets you use the most stunning elements. Visually appealing designs can quickly grab any user’s attention and make your website successful. You can customize the elements as per your requirements to offer a much better experience.

3. Less Coding

Using pre-built components eliminates the need to code. You can spend the available time on making the app functional and scalable. The more time you have for development, the better you can create the app.

The development process can be hectic as it requires understanding the website’s logic, creating new features, debugging, and actual development. So, when you use libraries, you get to spend more time focusing on the development process.

4. Easy to Use

No matter whether you are a beginner or have a limited command of the language, you can use the correct React UI library to simplify the process. But you still need to have basic knowledge of CSS.

5. Cross-browser Compatibility

Regardless of your experience, developing CSS that properly works on all browsers can be tricky. An effective solution to this issue is using the React UI library. Why? Because almost all the UI libraries are built with cross-border compatibility in mind to enhance user experience.

6. Reusability

Lastly, the elements of React UI libraries can be reused, within and across the apps. During modification, you only need to make changes once in the component and it will be automatically reflected throughout the implementations.

Top 5 React UI Libraries to Use

Here are some of the best React UI libraries you can choose from:

Popular React UI libraries

1. Ant Design

Ant Design is the best React UI library developers can use to improve the visual appeal and usability of the website. The user-friendly and clean design of this library gives the website a professional look. By using Ant Design, developers can easily integrate responsive elements without using custom CSS.

Ant Design Pros:

  • Ant Design offers a vast customization scope and comes with a built-in dark mode.
  • Components under this library have a consistent design.
  • The codebase of Ant Design is well-maintained.

Ant Design Cons:

  • One major drawback is that it might not properly align with design systems other than Ant Design.
  • Certain components of this library do not come with a customization scope.
  • Beginners might find the API component a bit overwhelming.

2. Semantic UI React

If you want a library with better customization options, Semantic UI React should be your choice. It relies on virtual DOM and allows developers to easily create stunning and responsive web pages with clean code.

Semantic UI React Pros:

  • This library comes with semantic and accessible components.
  • Vast customization options.
  • It uses natural language syntax for easy reading and understanding.

Semantic UI React Cons:

  • Semantics UI React is relatively large, which affects the overall bundle size.
  • Compared to other libraries, the customization options are limited.
  • Community size is limited.

3. MUI

MUI is another popular React UI library. It has an active community of millions of skilled developers. It offers pre-code navigation tools, drop-down menus, and sliders. The available components in MUI are fully customizable.

With the help of the MUI library, you can easily change your app’s look and feel. To get better control over the visual style, you can use CSS utilities.

MUI Pros:

  • You can easily customize pre-designed components.
  • MUI gets regular updates, bug fixes, and support.
  • Documentation comes with helpful demos and examples.

MUI Cons:

  • MUI library can be complicated to understand for beginners as it has extensive features.
  • The library is large in size, which can result in higher loading time.
  • The available elements might only be suitable for some projects.

4. Redux

Redux is a widely used library, offering multiple DevTools to help developers identify changes in the application state. You can further log these changes and send error reports. An interesting thing is that you can use this library with other JavaScript frameworks as well.

Redux Pros:

  • It includes a time travel debugging feature, which you can use to reply to actions and inspect the state at different points in time.
  • It follows a strict pattern for updates that lets you quickly find potential debug issues.
  • It has a large and active community that provides solutions to common problems.

Redux Cons:

  • Beginners might find implementing the Redux library overwhelming and time-consuming.
  • It does not work well for simple and small projects.
  • Using this library requires you to have a fundamental knowledge of a few concepts.

5. Grommet

It's a user-friendly React library, offering a wide range of UI components with detailed guides. It offers a lot of layout options, which you might not find in other UI frameworks. Grommet makes it easy for developers to create stunning designs for websites. It offers multiple sticker sheets, templates, and patterns to easily start the designing journey.

Grommet Pros:

  • It comes with a range of pre-built UI components and utilities.
  • It has built-in support for responsive design, which results in the creation of better interfaces.
  • It comes with extensive customization options.

Grommet Cons:

  • Compared to other React UI libraries, Grommet has a large bundle size.
  • Limited third-party components and community resources.
  • The rich features and customization options in Grommet require you to develop a deeper understanding of this library’s capabilities.


React is a widely used JavaScript library that provides multiple components to build websites and apps. Rather than creating every component from scratch, React UI component libraries offer pre-code elements that you can use to speed up the development process.

Depending on your needs and project requirements, you can choose one of the React UI libraries. Carefully go through each library’s features, benefits, pros, and cons to make an informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ant Design is one of the most used and downloaded React UI libraries because it offers better customization options. Also, its codebase is well-maintained and its components have a similar design.

Using the React UI library is worth it because it exposes you to multiple elements and components. You can also save time and focus on the development part, which is more complicated and tricky.

When choosing a React UI library, carefully check the documentation to understand how perfectly the library works. Following this, you must check the mobile/browser compatibility of the library, its size, and popularity.

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