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Reap the benefits of the Fantasy Sports App with us!

As a trusted fantasy sports app development company, Protonshub Technologies designs and builds robust fantasy sports apps for Android and iOS devices. With an in-depth knowledge of sports and vast industry expertise, our developers successfully turn sports fantasies into virtual reality.

fantasy sports app development company

Grow Your Business With Our Engaging Fantasy App Development Services

Do you have an impressive fantasy sports app idea that you want to turn into a reality? Let our team of dedicated fantasy app developers help you. At Protonshub Technologies, we combine industry best practices with the latest technologies to develop a functional fantasy sports app that exceeds your requirements.  

We are a leading fantasy sports app development company in India and the USA, regularly adapting to new tech to help our clients stay ahead of emerging trends in the fantasy sports industry.

Our one-of-a-kind fantasy sports website and app development services help you effectively engage with your users. As one of the most creative cross-platform apps, Protonshub works with a team of dedicated app developers who can build all kinds of fantasy sports apps, software, and websites. We offer both customization and white-label fantasy app development services to businesses of all sizes. 

Our one-of-a-kind fantasy sports website and app development services will help you effectively engage with your users. Protonshub works with a team of dedicated app developers who can build all kinds of fantasy sports apps, software, and websites. We offer both white-label and customized fantasy app development services to businesses of all sizes.

We have become a market leader in the fantasy app industry by combining the power of technology, design, and marketing!

fantasy sports app development

Why Choose Protonshub as Your Reliable Fantasy App Development Service Provider?

We offer comprehensive fantasy app development services at an affordable price. Join hands with our dedicated app developers and step into the exciting world of the fantasy sports industry. With our innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, you can rule the fantasy sports market like never before. Here’s why you must choose us:

100% Transparency

When you work with Protonshub to create a fantasy mobile app, you can expect 100% transparency. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the app development process. We also conduct necessary discussions at regular intervals to make sure the created fantasy sports app aligns with the client’s requirements.

24/7 Support

Our skilled team of professional experts is available round the clock to provide assistance and solve each of your queries. We claim to offer best-in-class support and security for fantasy sports apps. From designing the app and maintaining it to making it error-free, we are with you at every step.

Efficiency Outsourcing

When you outsource our dedicated team of fantasy app developers, you can rest assured about the process. Our team believes in establishing seamless communication and offering high-quality app development services to sports businesses and enthusiasts.

On-Time Delivery

As one of the reliable fantasy sports app development solution providers, we aim to offer on-time delivery at an affordable price. Our team thoroughly tests the app before its delivery so you can launch it at your convenience without any hassle.

Real-time Analytics

Our team incorporates a powerful yet simple analytical dashboard while developing a fantasy sports app to track users’ activities on a real-time basis.

Multiple Payment System

To enhance user experience, our fantasy sports app developers integrate the app with various payment options like Debit/Credit card, net banking, e-wallet, and other options. The presence of multiple payment systems makes the process easier.

Fantasy Sports App Development Features We Provide

Our dedicated fantasy sports app development India team delivers the best service. We take pride in utilizing the most innovative technology to meet our clients’ requirements. While creating a fantasy sports app, we include the following features:

Player Stats

Players can check their stats and compare their position against others

User Authentication

Users can easily create an account using email IDs or social logins

Browse & Select Matches

Users can browse the available matches on the platform and select one they want to play

See Winning History

Users can check winning histories to see which players were on the top

User panel of sports app
Invite & Earn

Users can invite their friends or family to the app and earn prize money

Create Content

Create engaging game contests for your friends and take part with them

Play Now

Click on the play now option to start playing any game immediately


Users can check the ranking of the leaders in different matches via the leader board

Admin Login

Admins can log in to the Fantasy Sports app platform in a few clicks

User Management

Admins can manage user access and control user accounts

Admin Dashboard

Monitor, maintain, and control various tasks on the platform via admin dashboard

Revenue Report

Admins have access to details related to revenue

Admin panel of sports app
Reward Points Update

Update and manage reward points after each match

Transaction Management

Admins manage the transactions on the platform to avoid confusion

League Details

Admins have complete details of all the matches that is organized for players

User Felicitation

Admins are responsible for smooth user facilitation

Live Match Score

Players and admins can view live match scores

Reward Points

Users can get reward points when they participate in a contest

Winner and Score Prediction

Check this section to know the winner and score prediction of any match

Chat Model

Users can chat with each other in between games

Advanced features of sports app
Loyalty Programs

Long-term players get rewarded with loyalty programs

Purchase Perks

Users can unlock advanced features by paying for the subscription plan

Match Results and Highlights

Check the match results and highlights of the previous matches in a single click

Push Notifications

Stay up-to-date with regular push notifications

Our Top-Notch Fantasy Sports App Solution 

Protonshub Technologies offers fully functional fantasy sports app development solutions that feel like reality.

Fantasy Golf App Development

Being a popular sport, golf has grabbed the interest of many people. By developing a fantasy golf app, you can offer a dedicated platform to a wider audience that is made just for them.

Fantasy Cricket App Development

Our dedicated team of app developers can create fully customized or white-label fantasy cricket apps for leagues. The feature-rich and engaging fantasy cricket app will never fail to engage users.

Fantasy Football App Development

Our team has the best fantasy app development solution for football lovers too. We can create a fully customized fantasy football app so your audience can get a seamless playing experience.

Fantasy MotorSports App Development

Provide your users with an engaging and rich motorsports-playing experience by offering them a customized fantasy motorsports app.

Fantasy Horse Riding App Development

Our team can design and develop a user-friendly fantasy horse-riding app with multiple features. Our app will cover all the horse riding tournaments from around the world.

Fantasy Basketball App Development

Everyone likes basketball. So, why not use this opportunity to offer an exciting basketball-playing experience to users through a fantasy basketball app? Our team can create an engaging fantasy app so you can earn huge revenue.

Fantasy Baseball App Development

Do you want to create an engaging fantasy baseball app? Our experienced team of app programmers can design and deliver feature-rich fantasy baseball apps at a pocket-friendly price.

Fantasy Rugby App Development

Get our fantasy rugby app development service and generate high revenue for your sports business. Our dedicated team will create a robust app that meets all of your business needs.

Are you Ready to Enter the Fantasy Sports App Industry?

Get our Premium Fantasy Sports App Development Service to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors.

Are you Ready to Enter the Fantasy Sports App Industry?

How Does Fantasy Sports App Work

The fantasy app is a champion in the realm of online sports platforms and has caught the attention of many online users. So, if you are passionate about creating your own sports app, here’s the whole process of how a fantasy sports app works:

  • User Registration

    Online gaming enthusiasts can register themselves through their phone number or email ID.

  • Profile Settings

    Creating and managing user profiles on fantasy sports apps is quite easy. Users can quickly add or remove their details from the app in just a few clicks.

  • Contest

    Under the contest section in your fantasy sports app, users can find information about upcoming tournaments or competitions and can also join one.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    Multiple payment options allow users to make payments without any hassle. Common payment options include debit cards, credit cards, and net banking.

  • Multiple Game

    Registered users can take part in multiple gaming contests via the app or join their favorite sports competition.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Happy users can review and rate your fantasy sports app, which will help you further increase their experience.

What Influences Fantasy Sports App Development Cost

Unlike other app development companies, we pay attention to our client’s demands and requirements to create an app that is loved by users of all age groups. Our designed apps are easy to use and navigate.  But what influences the cost of fantasy sports app development? Below are some key factors that decide the fantasy sports app development cost.



App Features

The number and complexity of features added to your fantasy sports app is the main cost-deciding factor. Common features you may include in your app are user registration, real-time updates, an admin panel, social integration, AI prediction, and payment integration.



UI/UX Components

Take your fantasy sports app to the next level by providing a better user experience. High-quality UI/UX component results in more user registrations but it also increases the cost of app development.




Developing platform-oriented apps requires the use of different tools and technologies. Common platform choices for fantasy sports app development include iOS, Android, web, and cross-platform.



Tech Stack

The choice of tech stack decides the success rate of your app because it determines the frameworks and programming languages used to create the app's frontend, backend, and infrastructure.




Your fantasy sports app needs to have sufficient storage capacity to store the user’s data without any error. It also ensures the best execution of the app. The kind of storage capacity you choose also influences the development cost.



Third-Party Integration

Integrating your fantasy sports app to third-party services like payment gateways or social media login can add up to the overall development cost. While some APIs are free, some are available only in the paid version.



App Security

You don’t want your user’s data to fall prey to fraudsters, right? Invest in the app security mechanism during fantasy sports app development and save your users from the threat of information stealing.




Thorough app testing is crucial to ensure the optimal functioning of your fantasy sports app. Any possible bugs or malfunctions can be fixed during the testing phase so your users can have a better playing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fantasy sports app is a fun and interactive platform where users can create their sports teams and compete against other teams in real-time sports. The games are played online on a smartphone and they offer the feeling of playing professional sports.

While creating a fantasy sports mobile app, developers must add some basic features, like a dashboard, home screen, social media sharing option, invite and earn, hassle-free signup and registration, secured payment options, and join the contest.

Yes, it's possible to make a fantasy sports web application. But before creating one, you must define your objective of why you are building a fantasy app, find reliable data providers, research your target demographic, and make a list of sports you want to include in your app.

Our developers at Protonshub can create engaging and feature-rich fantasy apps for all the major sports, like motorsports, rugby, baseball, basketball, golf, cricket, horse riding, and golf.

The cost of creating a fantasy sports app depends on many factors, like the complexity of the app and the features included. You can contact us to get a customized package or to know the exact estimate.

Stay Ahead With Our Fantasy Sports App Development Service