Microservices the Shining Star of
new age IT Infrastructure


“Changing design patterns and race to substantiate the modern design and delivery approach Microservices architecture has been the face of the shift and has been a potential front runner in mainstream design process and methodology”.

Since ages monolithic architecture has been the spear head of IT design and delivery but Microservices has brought the modern way of building applications. In this architecture, all the components are divided into small components independent of each other. So each component is called a Microservices. Each service will have its own presentation layer, data layer, etc. And also, it has its own database. Likewise, you can split it into various micro service such that it will be independent of each other Let’s understand how Microservices has differentiated itself from conventional monolithic architecture and what are the factors that signify its importance on the Devops and its digital acceleration.

Monolithic Architecture:-

Monolithic architecture is the conventional old fashioned way of developing applications. The architecture of Monolithic application development is designed as such that all the variable components of an application will be clubbed and combined as one larger application, all these smaller units are closely coupled with each other such that even if you try to separate them they would still act as a single application and any attempt made to make changes in any of the application unit will impact the functionality of other units in the application.

Monolithic Architecture

• Why Monolithic Architecture?

Any technology that has survived in the ecosystem definitely has some fundamental benefits that has helped the technology to flourish and sustain. Following are some of the advantages that a monolithic Application development process acquires;

• Easier and Convenient mode of Development

• Testing the application is relatively much easier with the help of automation testing tools.

• Testing the application is relatively much easier with the help of automation testing tools.

• Why Not Monolithic Architecture?

Monolithic architecture may be a developer friendly way of developing applications but has its own challenges that lead the rise of Microservices.

• Since the development incorporates many small application units to make a larger application with increase in the code base most of the time one code can compromise the functionality of the other code and hence the application stability goes down.

• A Fault or bug in one of the units can hamper the performance of entire application.

• Scalability of the application is a bigger challenge as any scalability means scaling up the entire application irrespective of need and requirement making it a costly and time consuming affair.

• Scalability of the application is a bigger challenge as any scalability means scaling up the entire application irrespective of need and requirement making it a costly and time consuming affair.

• Microservices! The Modern day Business Paradox

The modern day application building methodology. In this architecture, all the smaller units are divided into individual unit’s who are independent of each other. In such case every unit is called a Micro service. Every service will have its own specific presentation layer, data layer and database.

Microservices! The Modern Day Business Paradox
Why Modern day Businesses needs Microservices?

Microservices architectures have been a prime choice of application development mode by web scale companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Zee5 etc. The business models is a web Derivative, i.e., their business models heavily rely upon their technology (operating model) and business is indistinguishable. Microservices are the most adapt development model because of its ability to

• Manage multiple units independently

• Manage large size code base with utmost precision without interfering in the other unit operations

• Scale up easily as and when required

• Flexibility in implementing different technology and framework and still communicate without any glitch

• Since Microservices are independent of each other hence it makes them a higher fault tolerant environment

Interestingly these new generation tools have made an everlasting impact on the Development and Operations of DevOps, leading to ;

• Better code Management

• Efficient and independent deploybility

• Faster Delivery

• Work load Management

• Decentralized automated process.

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