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Table & Saloon Booking app with Visually Appealing Graphics

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Application Details

Table & Saloon Booking


Table & Saloon Booking
Djibouti, East Africa

Client Location

Germany Djibouti, East Africa
Development Time

Development Time

5 months

About SetNow

Set Now is an advanced table and saloon booking app designed to reduce the waiting time as much as possible for customers. With Set Now, users get digital access to restaurants and can gather information about the quality of food, cleanliness, hygiene, and other essential factors, which will influence their decision on where to book a table. In addition, Set Now comes with flexible payment options, allowing users to pay for their reserved table in advance. Users can experience a smooth way of booking tables and restaurants with this powerful app and can plan their arrival time more efficiently.

User-Friendly App Designed by Protonshub Technologies

Technologies Used

Our dedicated team of app developers combines the strength of robust technologies with a well-planned strategy to develop this table & saloon booking app.

UI Design

UI Design

Front End [Mobile, Web]

Front End

React Native
Back End

Back End

Ticket Booking App Development Needs

Client Needs for Development

With the aim of helping customers reduce wait times, the founder of Set Now came up with the idea to develop an app that offers an engaging experience to its users. The client was facing a challenge in bringing two domains together on its platform while maintaining a smooth experience for users. 

Set Now needed a robust and functional interface that could handle everyday reservations without fail. Likewise, the app required professional graphic designs to become visually appealing and to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Our clients wanted their app to focus on reducing the time taken for customers to make reservations while optimizing staff and facility resources to improve overall operational efficiency.

At Protonshub Technologies, we took on the challenge of creating a table and saloon booking app that can seamlessly integrate with advanced technologies. Our team has closely worked with the client to understand their requirements so we can deliver an app that exceeds their expectations.

Client Goals

Set Now emerges as a powerful solution to eliminate long wait times, allowing guests to plan accordingly. With Set Now, users no longer have to go through the process of making reservations via call or negotiate time. Users can view their options, make informed decisions, and avoid unsatisfying dining experiences.

Here’s a list of features that we have targeted to build this all-in-one table and saloon booking app:

  • A signup page for easy user registration and login
  • Advanced search option so users can quickly check table availability in their preferred restaurant
  • Add and edit options so users can make changes to their profile 
  • Advanced information architecture and clear UI
  • Messaging option so users can clarify their queries while booking a table 
  • Push notifications to notify users about the latest discounts and deals 
  • Secure payment gateways
Client App Development Goals

Client Challenges

The main challenge that emerged while creating Set Now was merging the two domains while providing a smooth user experience. Our client wanted to reduce customers’ frustration due to the complexity of the existing booking processes, which affects their overall satisfaction. 

The client was very particular about the app’s navigation, design, and scalability. They wanted to develop a unified application that seamlessly combines saloon service and table reservation functionalities, providing a one-stop solution for customers.

Lastly, Set Now needed a robust backend system that could successfully optimize staff schedules based on real-time demand, ensuring efficient resource allocation for better productivity.

Solutions Offered by Protonshub Technologies

At Protonshub Technologies, our team has worked closely with the clients to develop a table and saloon booking app that exceeds expectations. We addressed the possible challenges and added a centralized dashboard for efficient reservation management, reducing errors, and improving staff productivity.

Following this, we designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance the booking experience. It made it easy for customers to navigate and make reservations effortlessly. We integrated third-party services, ensuring a smooth transition and eliminating operational disruptions.

Our team made sure that the Set Now app was designed to meet the client’s brand identity and requirements. Not to mention, a dedicated customer support team was available 24/7 to assist with the client's queries or concerns.

Protonshub Technologies successfully met the client's needs and goals, providing a custom solution that transformed table & saloon booking processes and enhanced the overall customer experience.

Mobile App Developed by Protonshub Technologies
App Development
Fintech App Development - Protonshub Technologies

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