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Pivott is a comprehensive sales and Marketing Automation tool designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their customer relationships more effectively.


  • Centralized Customer Database: Our CRM software allows you to store all customer data in one central location, making it easy to access and update.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: Keep track of leads, deals, and sales opportunities in a visually appealing way with our intuitive sales pipeline management tool.
  • Task and Calendar Management: Stay on top of your to-do list and never miss an important deadline with our task and calendar management features.
  • Automated Marketing: Send personalized and targeted marketing campaigns automatically using our automation tools.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Get real-time insights into your business performance and customer behavior with our advanced reporting and analytics tools.


  • Improved Efficiency: Our CRM software streamlines your workflow and automates many manual tasks, helping you save time and increase productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With all customer data in one place, you can provide personalized and timely support, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Increased Sales: The sales pipeline management feature helps you prioritize leads and deals, enabling you to close more deals and generate more revenue.
  • Better Collaboration: Our CRM software allows you to share customer data, tasks, and calendars with your team, promoting collaboration and teamwork.
  • Scalability: Our software is designed to grow with your business, ensuring that you can continue to manage your customer relationships effectively, no matter how large your organization becomes.


  • Improved Customer Retention: By providing excellent customer service and personalized support, you can increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Increased Revenue: By closing more deals and upselling to existing customers, you can increase revenue and profitability.
  • Better Decision Making: Real-time insights into customer behavior and business performance can help you make data-driven decisions and improve your overall strategy.
  • Competitive Advantage: By using our CRM software, you can stay ahead of the competition by providing better customer service and increasing sales.
  • Cost Savings: By automating manual tasks and streamlining your workflow, you can reduce operational costs and increase profitability.


In conclusion, Pivott is a comprehensive solution that can help businesses manage their customer relationships more effectively. With a range of features designed to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue, our software is an excellent investment for any business looking to grow and succeed.

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