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Protonshub Builds a remarkable travel Search and booking Platform for a leading travel management portal in North America.

  • 1 Years, 1 month Duration

  • Angular JS, Ruby on Rails

  • 3 Engineers on Project

  • Discovery & Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Testing Debugging
  • Android & iOS App Development

About Project

  • Country

  • Targeted Audience

    All Citizens
  • Project Type

    Travel & Logistics

Started in 2013, the Company is based in the bustling metropolis of Virginia, in The USA.

They have a wide experience of working with clients across industries globally. Over these years, their main focus is in helping clients in achieving their goals through their websites/portals. Their main motive is to satisfy your customers with their travel platform and simultaneously you achieve growth and success. They are known to provide corporate travel management services to corporates globally.

Business Problem

Many companies in the travel and logistics industry struggle with managing their supply chains effectively. This can lead to delays, lost shipments, and increased costs. From an IT standpoint, companies may need to invest in better supply chain management software or data analytics tools to improve their processes.

The travel and logistics industry is a prime target for cybercriminals due to the large amount of personal and financial data that is transmitted during the booking and shipping process. From an IT standpoint, companies may need to invest in cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, encryption, and regular vulnerability assessments to protect their systems and data.


Logistics management systems require the integration of data from multiple sources, such as suppliers, carriers, and warehouses. Managing this data can be a challenge, particularly if it is stored in different formats or systems. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the data is essential to the success of the logistics management system.

Many organizations already have existing systems in place for managing their logistics, such as inventory management or transportation management systems. Integrating a new logistics management system with these existing systems can be a challenge, particularly if the systems use different data formats or communication protocols.

  • Identify the key bottlenecks of travel supplier integration.
  • Integrate suppliers’ flight APIs.
  • Map search results from different suppliers.
  • Build a customizable set of integration modules.
  • Create a responsive UX and the demo website.

Project Feature

Protonshub Effective Travel Management Solution- The Panorama of Digital Excellence.

  • Identifying pain points of supplier API integration and booking engine development.
  • Working on this platform, our team created a customizable solution that would work for different types of travel businesses. To make it happen, the team gathered data from travel-related engagements, interviewed clients and members of product teams.

  • Managing the connection with suppliers via APIs.
  • Our team started with flight API integration. The team used GDS APIs as well as APIs by other travel product suppliers to access authorization, flight and fare search, booking, and PNR management. The current roadmap of the project includes further integrations with hotel bed banks and expanding flight content and ancillary access.

  • Creating a travel domain data model to map search results from different suppliers.
  • The Protonshub team designed a travel domain data model. It maps and presents results coming from various suppliers in a single format that can be understood by anyone, regardless of their technical skill.

  • Designing a booking website for demonstration purposes.
  • To demonstrate the platform’s functionality, we’ve created a client-facing website. The design is minimalistic and has various navigation elements, like a flight ticket search box, dropdown calendar, and a text-based chatbot capable of search and booking.


  • All in One. Travel application in one place to get every service regarding traveling.
  • One-step Ahead with real time reporting and data availability
  • Constant Reminder and notification for seamless collaboration
  • Easier access to information
  • Integration with Diff payment API’s made Easy Transactions for end customers.


  • 50%

    Increase in Gross Revenue

  • 68%

    reduction in time for researching local hotels and Flight details

  • 21%

    higher precision on discounted rates.

  • 76%

    Online payment transactions increased by

  • 90%

    repeated customers for booking post 5 months of deployment.

Other Work

Protonshub Technologies is working shoulder-shoulder with top-notch brands and helping many businesses achieve their goals by providing the right assistance.

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  • UI/UX Design

  • Testing Debugging

  • Discovery & Analysis

  • Android & iOS App

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