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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development presents unique challenges considering the vast variety of operating systems, device types, screen sizes, and device features and functionalities.

Protonshub Technologies compliments strong expertise in mainstream mobile frameworks with value-driven agile delivery processes to help execute a mobile strategy.

Leveraging the latest technologies and highest quality code, our dedicated team of front end developers can overcome any challenge, with experience in building products that serve millions of users each day, we can meet any scale or performance benchmark.


Mobile App Technologies

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Our Strategy

Responsive Web Apps

  • All devices use a web browser to deliver mobile experiences. This approach supports most devices but it can’t access device features like camera, contact list, etc.

Device Specific experiences

  • Native applications written in programming languages for specific mobile platforms and OS to deliver outstanding performance.

Cross-Platform strategy

  • Whether your company is creating a mobile application for the app stores or for use internally, you are often faced with the challenge of needing to develop it for multiple platforms. Typically, this means targeting both iOS and Android devices. We work on technologies (ReactNative/ Flutter etc) which can cater to the requirements of all platforms.

Combinated Strategy

  • Depending on organizational needs, you may mix and match the above strategies. For instance you can develop native apps to deliver specific business functionalities through specific devices, and use responsive web apps for majority of devices to help sites adapt for device alignments (vertical and horizontal) and multiple screen sizes.

Recent Work

We build all types of modern mobile applications for any industry, tailoring solutions
to meet your business goals and customer needs.

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