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Protonshub Continuous Delivery

Implement enterprise-ready cloud DevOps. Develop a toolkit that enriches your app delivery tasks. Automation, testing, deployment and more.

Deploy your production with Safety 10 times a day with Protonshub’s Continuous Delivery

Protonshub’s Continuous Delivery platform eliminates any potential Risk in your new feature releases. Our Experienced Developer teams ensures continuous deployment and monitoring on the parameters that impact the features on technical infrastructure, while business Logic teams presides on how the features are to be released with maximum positive KPIs.

Efficient Analysis, Continous Delivery

Our well-organized and well planned DevOps orchestration strategy makes this possible by merging toolchains, business goals, development and operation teams together with streamlined, automated IT processes with required DevOps consultation.

Built for a performance to watch out for!

Our multi-cloud architecture provides high performance and highly scalable managed services.

  • Globally Entrenched with more than 300 CDN pods
  • Multiple API Endpoints for faster compute and higher scalability
  • Event and Incident Driven data platform

Our power packed features

Constant integration ensures the most upgraded and validated code is always voluntarily accessible to developers.

  • Delivery as a service
  • Reusable templets for faster implementation
  • Instant and Continues updates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Automatic failover and Fallback
Continuous Delivery Platform

Takeaways with Continuous Delivery platform

  • Faster end to end deployment
  • Rapid implementation for Disaster Recovery, Test, or Production Services.
  • Highly Secured environment for performance management and overhead accreditation
  • Simplification of quality assurance and deployment process
  • Enables digital maturity across forms such as build, test and deployment.

Workflow of AWS CI

We merge DevOps practices with AWS CI services, for a more quick, reliable, and deliverable products.

devops services provider

Workflow of Azure CI

Collaborate on software development practices through work tracking, source control, and constant delivery and integration using both On-premise and Cloud implementation of Azure DevOps Services.

Workflow Of Azure CI

We Use Following IaaS Services

amezon web services
google cloud plateform
microsoft azure

Why Explore DevOps

Effective Release Strategies

Authorize constant delivery with balanced piping and orchestration development twigs into the production workflow.

Increasing Productivity

Enhanced productivity by throwing business-centric features at new scale functionalities quicker than the traditional processes.

Automated Quality

We ascertain mistakes early before your target audience views them, by putting automated quality checks.

Development Stability

Concept of production and development version results in a steadier version control and accessibility of modifications in the rollbacks cases.

Why Protonshub

Beautiful Years Of Dedication

Beautiful Years of Dedication

We carry beautiful years of experience of dealing with top infrastructure providers as well as application operation workflows for different projects.

Skilled Engineers Of Dedication

Skilled Engineers of Dedication

Our skilled engineer teams are prepared with DevOps principals and syncing to standard workflows right from the early project levels of development life cycle.

Trusted By Large Organizations

Trusted By Large Organizations

We take a powerful experience of syncing ourselves with enterprise DevOps, organization infrastructure, and other integration cycles of intense variety and use cases and variety.

606-607, Princes Business Skypark, AB RD, Lig Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

800 W El Camino Real Suite 180, Mountain View, CA 94040, United States


Job Description

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs with hands-on in Ruby on Rails
  • Contribute at individual level in coding and module level API integrations, supporting integration with customer systems, integration with third party apps platforms
  • Write maintainable scalable efficient code

Required Job Skills

  • Atleast 3+ yrs of experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • Should have sound knowledge of html, css: (preferably Bootstrap), javascriptcoffeescript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Should have sound knowledge of database