API Development

Our API services will assist you set up solid control over your product’s life cycle, track every development stage, and offer you precise product’s quality information. We carry out API Development services as a primary step of every software project. At Protonshub, our expert API testers perform thorough software testing practices based on multiple parameters like scalability, functionality, behavioral, compatibility, and performance etc.

Comprehensive Software Analysis With Test Planning

Comprehensive Software Analysis with Test Planning

Based upon your nature and size of the software development project, the order and number of QA activities may vary. This depends upon the work scope and its corresponding goals. However, the first step regarding test planning is utmost crucial here. The motive is to examine the system technologies and architecture for discrepancies. This assists in determining costly errors at the initial levels. A few times before, we have also gone for preparing QA documentation along with testing strategy.

  • Requirement review
  • Designing Test Strategy
  • Executing Test Plan

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QA Project Documentation

We at Protonshub aim at high-tech documentation which means that any team member can preview the changes as soon as any documents or requirements are added, upgraded, changed, or deleted. Once the requirements are formed, Test Use cases define the actions to be taken by our QA engineers to assure the best software functionalities.

  • Planning Test Cases
  • Creating Data and Test Checklist
  • Creating Software Quality Metrics
  • Writing Test Cases
  • Maintaining Test Reports

QA Project Documentation
Testing Mobile Applications

Testing Mobile Applications

Mobility is a significant aspect of every company’s strategy. Often functional poor user experience and functional defaults prevent its usage. QA team at Protonshub is all prepared to deal with such software complications and handle users’ queries

We have successfully assisted organizations to position their products across different mobile devices and further convey the flawless user experience.

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Our enthusiastic QA experts have certification in the testing system among those complicated, high-volume applications. The applications will be systematically optimized with our standard approach for software testing during the high loads to make them operate great as thought of. Our Performance Testing Services assists the business to meet its aims via offering the following services.

  • Stress Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Assessment

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Consulting Expert QA’s

Consulting Expert QA’s

Protonshub’s Test Consultancy Services help the organizations to handle their software testing strategies and offer guidance to the clients via their SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). We also assist enterprises to upgrade their maturity level by toning all stages of QA including its processes, people, and products.

  • Recommendation of Test Tools
  • Strategy Designing/Test Planning
  • Assessing Test Assets
  • Planning Test Processes

We Add Expertise to your Apps

Check our use cases on AI & ML Technologies that will help streamline your app functionalities and user experience.

Trustworthiness Evaluation (Finance, Banking)

AI & Machine Learning helps finance businesses to determine credit worthiness and assist people and students who are there without a credit history.

Engine Recommendation (Entertainment, Media, Shopping)

It uses the user's history to recommend similar services or products. Just like the recommendations while watching Netflix or shopping from major online platforms like Amazon.

CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) Metrics (Retail, Fashion)

CLTV metric helps retailers to accept this profitable process by determining those audiences who are likely the future buyers.

Tagged, Sorted, and Categorized Photos (Mobile, Search, Social)

Image categorization eases the search procedure to a great extent. It’s like finding a restaurant and getting the food, menu, ambience, etc. in results.

Gamified Education & Learning (Education)

ML-driven statistical replica is created using client’s answers which ascertain their memory cycle and further text them for revisions, if any.

Result-Oriented Email Marketing Campaigns (Marketing Channels)

ML boosts email campaigns with customized scheduling and content production for effective engagement with recipients.

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Job Description

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs with hands-on in Ruby on Rails
  • Contribute at individual level in coding and module level API integrations, supporting integration with customer systems, integration with third party apps platforms
  • Write maintainable scalable efficient code

Required Job Skills

  • Atleast 3+ yrs of experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • Should have sound knowledge of html, css: (preferably Bootstrap), javascriptcoffeescript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Should have sound knowledge of database