Developing Smart Solution To Empower Smart City

Protonshub designed the solution that assists with efficient working for a smart city project. In addition, we created specialized software to help with smart city initiatives' resources, transportation, construction, and project management.

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Our Industry

What We Provide

Our software development services focus on integrating technology with projects for smart cities.
The goal is to deploy cutting-edge technology in urban regenerationand retrofitting
programmes to accomplish the smart city project.

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Solution For Sustainable Development

A smart city is an innovative sustainable development that employs ICTs and other means to improve quality of life, the efficiency of urban operation and services, and competitiveness. We work across sectors such as

City waste Management

We design our solutions by implementing AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics to help deliver effective waste management.

Electric Vehicles Management system

We align technology to develop infrastructure, which is the mainstay of smart cities. We focus on delivering single-point solutions to make EV fleet management easy. Monitor from a single dashboard and optimize maintenance costs in real-time by data analytics.

Our Industry
Our Industry


Smart transportation and smart city traffic management are revolutionizing how cities approach mobility and emergency response. We have developed capable city transport management solutions with sensors and advanced communication technologies with the automation of high-speed networks to induce a congestion-free city. It also helps stakeholders with management, monitoring, real-time status tracking, and notification alerts.

  • Automated Challan
  • Vehicle tracking system (GPS Tracking, Vehicle performance)
  • Smart parking system


We have empowered local businesses in cities with local online platforms for small and mid-size companies that have inherited tremendous financial and business growth opportunities promoting digital transformation in smaller firms.

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Order and cart Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Payment gateway Integration
Our Industry
Our Industry


Healthcare is a core facility necessary for every city across the world. Our healthcare solutions include technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, wearable devices and sensors, Big Data, Business Intelligence, etc., to respond to the needs of the healthcare ecosystem intelligently.

  • Patient Record Management
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Online Consultation
  • Order Management


Digital finance governance is essential to creating smart cities that reduce risk, increase revenues, and better serve citizens. Our Financial solutions are designed to provide on-the-go services such as access to financial aids, document verification, secured financial transactions and intelligent analytics.

  • KYC management System
  • Trading Application
  • Banking Application
  • Debt Management System
Our Industry

Why choose Protonshub?

Protonshub is committed to offering high-quality software development services to help smart city projects succeed.

  • Developers with Professional Training and Certification

    Our qualified developers have the technical expertise, market knowledge, and qualifications required to develop interactive solutions.

  • Superior Security OR Highly Secured

    Protonshub emphasizes safety, so we strive for the most significant accuracy and security in all data processing and operational activities required to deploy our solutions.

  • Client assistance

    We strive hard to provide outstanding customer service and ensure that each client is satisfied with the outcomes of our efforts.

  • Service with Added Value

    We are committed to providing superior, cutting-edge IT solutions that exceed our client's expectations by providing value-added services.

Our Industry

Job Description

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs with hands-on in Ruby on Rails
  • Contribute at individual level in coding and module level API integrations, supporting integration with customer systems, integration with third party apps platforms
  • Write maintainable scalable efficient code

Required Job Skills

  • Atleast 3+ yrs of experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • Should have sound knowledge of html, css: (preferably Bootstrap), javascriptcoffeescript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Should have sound knowledge of database