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The ultimate Guide to Mobile Application development 2022

"The ever-rising demand of custom software development has revolutionised the modern-day businesses with tremendous access to information, flexibility, accessibility and custom software developmentuncountable productive benefits. One such enigma of custom software development is disrupting the way business is expanding its arms to embrace ROI and Profitability…. Yes, you got it right, it is none other than Mobile Apps"

With a dream of a perfect collaboration of technology and visual expertise where the information and accessibility were available on the fingertips, approximately a decade ago technology infused an enigma of visual and tech expertise “The Mobile Apps” and since then everything right from how we eat, how we travel and how we spend has been revolutionised.

We have witnessed an extreme expansion of the Mobile app market and their business response in the last 5 years. Developing a mobile app is not always the same because of the variance in functionality, scope of work, business rules and most importantly the Price associated.

Building a mobile application is termed to be a very critical and thought engaging activity and there are factors that need to be check marked before one kicks off with the Mobile app development Project.

In this article we will cover the best possible road map to develop the best of the mobile Applications with latest trends in 2022.

Factors That Determine The Cost And Investments

Mobile Devices

one of the most important aspect of mobile app development process is to create, design and develop an app that is either made for a specific device or the vision is to develop an app that is device neutral that is the app can be accessed irrespective of the devices and operating systems such as iOS, Android, Microsoft and the price point is highly dependent on what sort of application needs to be developed.

The Integration Triggers Points

Mobile app development is not a stand-alone process, there are many third party integration to be done before a functional mobile app is developed. Sourcing right third-party integration tools with correct API points plays a very important role in determining the cost effectiveness of a mobile application development.

User Experience And Visual Efficiency

The success of a mobile app development largely depends on how effectively the user interacts with the application and there comes the role of UI/UX design process that determines how complex and friendly the user interface would be.

Security And Privacy Parameters

Identifying the data security standards in app development and what type of data to be collected also plays a significant role in defining the cost, the more complex it is the more expensive it becomes to develop, test and manage the application.

Factors That Determine The Efficiency Of The Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile app is a process that has a set life cycle and while setting up the voyage of an mobile app development it is very important to understand and set a structured and compliant Mobile App development cascade to ensure the utmost optimization of time, human capital and the outcome expected.

It is advisable to implicate standard best practices while initiating a mobile application development process.

So let’s understand in a nutshell the best practices to be considered while you go the development process.

The Planning Phase

it said that “planned well is half the job done”. While one undertakes the mobile app development process it is very important to have a perfect well planned and objective oriented development strategy in place that covers the business-critical aspects of development such as

  • Feasibility of app
  • The target audience
  • Clear business objective and Information touch points
  • Market research
  • Business Outcomes

It is easier to build an app within the discussed budgets and communicated timelines once the planning phase has all the relevant information well covered as it provides a guided direction to develop an app that has specified objectives, determined features and set performance parameters.

Map The Requirement

Requirement mapping and developing a robust feature list is the next pivotal step in the mobile App development process. Based on the information gathered in the Planning phase it is important to map various features of the Application with clear understanding of communication and dependency points to ensure that the application displays the exact response that is aligned to the business outcomes. Some of the important feature elements that needs to be taken care are as follows,

  • Desired feature Elements
  • Payment gateway Integrations
  • Business callouts
  • Data types to be captured
  • Navigation Integrations

The Design Mastery- This is the most attractive and future defining part of the mobile App design and development, in this stage the application receives the identity, a face and shape and a recognition that will be edged in the memory of the users. The core objective of this phase is to design an interactive, Intuitive and high performing structure. The design stage is broadly categorised in 5 major Pillars

Workflow And Architecture Design

An app is nothing but a repository of information and in the architecture phase it is determined as to where the information resides and how it communicates with users to perform a certain activity.

Wireframes! The Look And Feel Of The Application

The process of Digital replication of the features, workflows and communication methodology comprises the wireframe design that is most commonly known as the visual architecture of the application.

Develop The Prototype

Having a first-hand exp of the app while development helps the mobile app development teams create better and class applications and this is where the working model of the application is designed called as the prototype which helps the design team to understand how the end user will feel while using the application.

Factors Determining The Development Process

After all the hard work right from ideation, design, prototyping this is where the application development starts which includes identification of technology stack, the tech architecture design and finally laying down the timelines of the development with milestones of development.

The development process of a mobile application typically gets completed in 3 major classes

Back-End Development

data plays an important role in the performance of the application and in this stage, it is determined where the data will reside, what business logics will communicate with the data with specific workflows and what the possible calculated outcomes will be.

API Integrations

There is a constant need of communication protocol between front end and back end and that will API integrations plays a mission critical role.

Front End Development

everything that a user will perform and see on the screen is what we call as the front end where the key objective is to ensure that user has a delightful experience while navigating through the application that will lead to achievement of successful business outcomes.

Factors Determining Accuracy And Sustainability Of The Application


Before the launch of the application, it is important to understand the acceptability of the application from a user standpoint and that is where performance and functional testing place a very important part. To ensure that the user has the same intensity of exp as desired in the planning phase AB testing of toe similar applications are done to identify the positives and possible negatives so that a remarkable user exp can be created. Some of the important testing activities during this phase are as follows.

  • User Experience testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security Testing

The Deployment

Now the Application is gift wrapped and ready to be gifted to the users and the time has arrived to successfully launch it at Play store and App store available for the users to download and have the experience that would breeze the business outcomes.

We are going to leave you with market-based application development estimates that will definitely give you a jaw dropping experience and ability to calculate and plan your next mobile application development Project.

S. No App Development Type Features Estimated Price (USD)
1 Basic App Elementary Business Logics, UI Design And Work Rules 40000-60000
2 Medium Complexity App Intermediate Business Logics, UI Design And Work Rules 60000-120000
3 Complex App Development Advanced Business Logics, UI Design And Work Rules 120000+
4 Hosting And Maintenance Hosting And Development On Actuals

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